Settlements that don't pay upkeep should have reduced influence for the week

Every consecutive Week that a Settlement fails to fully pay Upkeep should reduce their Influence for that week.
E.g., If they don’t pay it this week, their influence cannot go over 80%.
If they don’t pay it next week also, their influence is now capped at 60%.

This represents unrest due to the Settlement being neglected and downgraded as a result, and as a result makes it easier to declare War on them.


Agree with this. The mega-company on my server that owns most of the map and makes millions off of Everfall and Windsward every week purposely do not upgrade the workshop in windsward for ages now because, and I quote, “most of us have houses in Everfall so we don’t care”

Should be a penalty for not spending a certain amount of the tax income on upgrades, or something along those lines.

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