Sever Status Update

Can we all have an explanation on what is going on with the severs from the DEVs so people don’t overthink.

AWS is broken - nothing the devs can do.

what does that entail? like will we lose stuff or it’ll be saved

You should not lose anything - from the looks of things on the AWS status page the database connections are a problem in which case you can’t log in, there is no info about characters, etc because none of it can be reached.

I do say should. Anything is possible but it is extremely unlikely that you would lose anything.

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Let’s hope we don’t. Thank you for the information.

AWS is the distributed platform of servers ran by Amazon, it’s used by many other applications, games, and online services. The issues we’re experiencing are caused by outages in AWS itself.

Let’s be patient and don’t blame the AGS team, there’s nothing they can do - just like your landlord can’t help if the whole power grid is out. :slight_smile:


well on a positive note, I am finally able to log into when before I couldn’t (when I tried linking this forum to my amazon again b/c it said it needed to be linked lol ) so here is hoping -fingers crossed-

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Hello Adventurers!

We are experiencing an issue with AWS that is impacting the entire service so players may notice irregularities in login, store items, skins, etc.

This will resolve automatically when the bigger issue is resolved.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Network issue. “Impairement of serveral network devices in US-EAST-1”.

Move to CAN-EAST-1 then. :wink:


Are you going to cancel invasions for east coast so us territory owners dont lose our ass cause no one could attend due to aws crash.

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Where do you see his updates?

Yet we still can’t log onto NW… :frowning:

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