Several bugs found after 1.05

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Outpost Rush rewards not given:

  1. Join outpost rush at middle
  2. End the outpost rush fast (within 5-10 minutes of joining)
  3. After the game results, rewards are given
    The rewards are displayed at end of game, but did not reflect on inventory, no chest, no azoth no coin

Ice Storm skill
Not sure how to replicate since I am not an IG user, but ice storm is causing double damage, double proc of damage on each hit, and lags you a lot while inside it, and also during the dying window, it kills you w/in seconds even with heavy armor, high cons and elemental resistance gems

Upcoming Invasion:
Displayed in every town, but there’s no actual invasion happening

Server delays:
There seems to be a 1-2 seconds delay in the servers

Firestaff fast attack with 100% accuracy hit (aimbot? EAC not catching up?):
Experienced this in Outpost rush, I am at 3 o’clock position of enemy, and another team member at 7 o’clock, this player auto attack 2 of us simultaneously and hits us at the same time while he is dodging, cannot explain how this happens, maybe exploiting 2 same type weapon, plus aimbots that somehow got through EAC, reported this in-game maybe you can check logs

Wall phasing?
Intermittently, climbing the stairs causes your character to phase inside it and cause character to glitch like your half body is below the ground

Listing here since megathread is closed


Some of these were already listed on the megathread but I’ve added the others to my list.

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add this bug into your list

the who have gain the game from this topic

when they get the account back they cant chat in global 72hrs issue and cant trade gold because its said they arent level 10
and sorry for my bad english
you can see my topic for more detail

From what I understand, it’s due to family sharing. It’s seeing your account as “new” even though it isn’t. It should disappear soon.


Is there any word on fixing not being able to type in rec and gobal chat after leaving Outpost rush or expedition? Chat bug since change chat system

Can confirm, once you acess your character after the family sharing incident, it’ll automatically put it on the 72h timer. After 72h it does disappear, as long as you are above level 10.

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