SEVERE Life Staff Healing Issues


The issue with life staff is no matter what healing abilities you use, or what settings you configure, your ability as a healer is crippled by this current system because it is not working well.

  1. Life staff abilities with ground targeting, especially the two smaller ones, are nearly impossible to use effectively in many/all situations. You cannot aim a tiny ground target on a player, let alone one who is moving around or far away easily.

  2. The auto targeting decides to target the ally who is closer to me instead of the one I am aiming at.

  3. The group scroll mode disables any possibility for cross-heals, i.e. healing someone outside of group, with any of your ground target abilities.

3b. There needs to be a way to immediately heal the ally I am directly aiming at

  1. The group scroll mode is unintuitive and slows down the healer’s ability to quickly respond to damaged groupmates.

4b. There should be a way to instantly heal a group member, e.g. holding down 1 key then pressing Q will cast the ability on Q key on the 1st group member with no delay.

  1. The auto target mode is unintuitive and clunky, it is impossible to know what ally it is going to target for you both when allies are clumped up together or spread apart.

5b. The auto target mode should at the very least respond to my movements instead of having to be toggled and untoggled or using the scroll wheel to flick through allies until (if it ever does) target what you want.

  1. Even though the targeting system is showing and highlighting an ally/groupmate, if they are too far away (approx 40m+ ?) then it will just heal yourself with zero indication that it was going to do that.

6b. There should be a red indicator that the ally is too far away and/or a audio signal that I cannot heal them.

  1. The target self function with holding down ctrl is too slow and clunky. It should not require being held down for so many milliseconds, and should respond immediately if I press both ctrl and a heal ability key.

  2. The ability ‘Beacon’ should not evaporate in the air, and do absolutely nothing, if it ‘lands’ in the air when it reaches its maximum range.

8b. Beacon could perhaps use the same mechanic as gravity well, which can be ‘spawned’ mid-air if the caster throws it into the air.

  1. All heals are generally too short range.

9b. Heals should have some semblance of archetypes like heavier armored hybrids, e.g. paladins, versus traditional cloth wearing pure healers.

Let me know anything I missed.


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