Sexy Armor? Yes or No?

I know the art style is different but I really want to be able to look like the pretty ladies in the loading screens. I know it’s dumb but do you think we’ll ever get figure fitting armor? I love the look of the lost female pirates and angry earth


I am 100% behind them adding feminine armors for those who love to RP and play dress up. I am not ok with them adding anime waifus with bunny ears and thigh highs with short skirts as that does not fit the theme of the game at all


I wouldn’t mind something less generic for armor. The stuff we have now is laughably androgynous.


Lots of great suggestions on what to do and what not to do in this thread that is already on going

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This! No anime waifus just lost sailor equipment from the loading screens



ESO is a good example of what style I like. I really want to look cute in every video game I play. I’d love some pretty dresses and feminine armor. I’d also love to change my hair and face as I’d like.


I’ve heard from female players in our guild that they don’t like the armor in this game on females. They feel like the designers took the common “hope they hit the shiny parts” and swung the pendulum way to far in the opposite direction. They flat out are lazy. The models, the haircuts, the facial features, the armor it all looks like a boy playing a girl. It’s horrible.

The female models need quite a bit of work and all the armor needs to be designed to look at least feminen. You should be able to distinguish at a distance between a male and female character.


There are several female NPC’s who are cute. Even evil Isabella is attractive. We need some more hairstyles and faces that are feminine if we can’t get a better model. Not a huge deal, but the chest is very flat.


They would need to completely revamp the character creator, first. It’s currently one of, if not THE worst character creator in any modern MMORPG. Hard to care what your character looks like when there is only 1 option that isn’t comically terrible and it’s the same option for the male and female character. Laughable.

I usually spend a bunch of money on skins in games, but in this one all I bought was a bow skin and a rapier skin and some dye. Really just feels like such a huge missed opportunity. I like the business model they chose to fund new world, but if skins are going to be your primary money maker, they need to look FAR better than what is currently available so people actually buy them and then yes of course, there needs to be some attractive options for female characters. Look at BDO. I bet they make record breaking money off their skins, they are freaking gorgeous skins and models.


I like in New World that there is no sexsualised costumes. It makes the game more inclusive - not everyone feels comfortable seeing half naked characters. I play BDO too and in comparison almost all costumes are over sexualised there, especially the ones for female classes.
I don’t really understand why most people identifies feminine costumes as the sexy ones? I would love to have cute, beautiful costumes for female characters but not necessary the sexualised.
So Sexy Armor - definitely NO. But feminine and cute - definitely YES.


What I mean is the armor on the ladies in the loading screen. They are sexy women. No need for sexy to mean revealing just mean hot

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I’ve bought three outfit skins and I hate the rest, they’re all made for male characters. I want to look like a female. I want to look sleek and dangerous, even a little sexy. And I agree Ameliye, I think we can have a middle ground here.


Not allowing “sexy armor” is the antithesis of “being inclusive”.


Sleek and Stylish with some outfits clearly designed for male characters and others for female, sure go for it. Let ppl look battle worn or cute.

However, this doesn’t mean revealing or over sexualised, which is something I personally prefer not. There’s so much of that out there already and I like that Aternum has a more low fantasy approach. As others have said, there’s definitely a middle ground.

Also just from a cultural perspective, coming from a family where you used to change the channel growing up when actors went to kiss (don’t ask lol) it’s nice to have a game running in the background where it’s not slightly awkward due to revealing characters running past your screen every so often.

I like having my pc in living room, new world freely running in the background, different generations of the family having a go or taking a peak of whoever’s turn it is when guests are over (older generation and toddlers alike love seeing them trees falling).

This is just my own feedback and I fully appreciate others may not share them.

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Oh really? :slight_smile: Do you feel excluded or offended by not having sexy armor in the game? ^^

I feel excluded by not having feminine costumes and sometimes I feel even offended as a woman by the ugly male costumes my female character is forcing to wear :unamused:
I don’t need sexy costumes for my character to feel feminine. I would prefer cute and adorable. There is too much of sexualising female characters in games already, let the New World be free from this ^^

now I get it
ok, but maybe they did that to not have ******* leftists pissing him off saying “yes but that’s not realistic, sexualized armor like that would never exist, it doesn’t protect anything”
and having people like me come along to answer “realistic? female on the battlefield would be the rarest thing we would see in the 1600’s~ you would be in a torn and dirty dress tending to a goat on some farm!”

The little lady pirate that quests eith us has nice outfit. So does Rima and it doesn’t look overtly masculine. I just wanna look feminine, but I know historically it’s not correct

I understood the initial idea, but as I said there would be a lot of ****** bothering me for being “sexyalusing” the characters (example: you can see this in mortal combat, look at the ones from the 90s until now and see how it turned out ), amazon, to avoid this type of people bothering or even opening a process, did not do this
If I could, I would even have a nude patch for NW, but it’s not up to me.