Shadow Rendering Distance

The rendering / draw distance of shadows seems small.

Your character has a clear view ahead but there are no shadows rendering is the distance. Its just visually distracting to have them render in a circle around your character.

Is there a setting I am to slow to find?

Has anyone else noticed this?

i am having the same issue, doesnt matter if i have it set to low or very high, wish someone would respond

I’ve noticed this too, there are distant shadows from treas and large rocks etc but for other objects, they render only a few feet away.

Hi @Allden! Thank you for sharing this with us, unfortunately there is no option on the settings to change the distance at which some shadows are rendered. It would be great to see the option added to the game, I’ll transfer this to our devs to see if they can do something about it.

I see this all the time as well and try to ignore it but it’s really tough sometimes. It mostly seems to happen on objects that have a shorter render distance like flags for example

Yeah, it is really annoying when you have this beautiful open world and then see shadows appear in a straight line 50 m in front of you… Immersion? Nope.

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