Shadow_Fox this is for your post yestarday please look

This shows that it wont let you sell to a buy order that is priced higher thn the current posted price.

Current posted price is 260g
Buyout price 850g - cant sell
Buyout price 125g - can sell

It’s not just that. I can post a timeless shard for 1000g and when I try to complete the buy order for the 750g one it still doesn’t meet the criteria.

I’m assuming this is part of the whole items tagged different tier level in back side of game than they really are like how the same items wouldn’t stack in inventory because game thought they were different tiers.

I can sell some timeless shards fulfilling a buy order and some I can’t. I thought it was possibly the price things also but I think it’s just a bug. I’ve had other items where the buy order is a few cents higher than going rate and I could fill those buy orders.

ive just checked like 5 diff shards and all that had higher buyouts i couldnt sell too

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