Shadow's edge sword broken perk combo

Rogue + enchanted. @Aenwyn @Delakron Devs love nerfing broken perk combos like previous jewelry. I want to see this shadow’s edge banished to the shadow realm of nerfed weapons/gear.

Add it to the list of the other 1000 names items with illegal perk pools that have been in the game for months, since launch. The only reason those rings got changed was because they had a int version on ptr and people noticed they changed the perks. The Eva came out and said that perk combo is a bug and thus everyone started pointing out those other rings. Imo they should stay as is but devs make no sense. They want pve names items to have 0 value it seems.

Rogue and enchanted isn’t even op. Rogue and attunement is way better.

And then remember if you are using SnS for dmg then you are using a round shield and you can put enchanted on that and still get a rogue and enchanted combo.

Shadows edge doesn’t need changing because it needs nerfing, it only needs changing for consistency.

Anyone who thinks Shadows edge needs nerfing because it is too good, needs to learn the game.

It’s existence is unfair because tigers instinct had a similar illegal perk combination and this was removed.


I have a lifestaff with 30int and 30focus and putrefying scream on it from the first week of mutations, theres so much fd up stuff :joy:

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You can have rogue on sword and enchanted shield

That swords actually bad if you really minmax SnS assassin play style

Best dropped (named) sword though…for damage.

But you’re losing attunement on your weapon (or shirkingele, or a weapon perk) which has much more value when you can have both rogue and enchanted on a sword and a shield

Putrefying scream on life staff is a lie, 30 focus/ 30 intel i have one with that

What named sword has that perk combo?