Shard of Consecrated Iron

This is a pain to get - most of the places to farm are in expeditions and I have to find a group and use an Orb each time I want to farm. Anyone know of a better way to get this?

There was some talk a couple months ago about it possibly being in the faction store, but nothing happened with that yet.

Any ideas?! Please help!?

I think a lot of named mobs in the open world can drop it. Not sure which. Also I think it can drop from armoring ap boxes.

It is? I think you are thinking the chunk of consecrated iron not the shard.

Yeah I realized I misread after that.

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The chunk is what you buy from The faction vendor. That is easy to get. I am talking about the shard, I assure you.

I have tried farming a couple of open world bosses for this and I keep getting craft mods but so far I haven’t got this one. I will keep trying.

I know that. The other poster deleted his post saying you could because he misunderstood. Check NWDB. It will have all the drop locations.

Oh, I never saw the other post before he deleted it - my bad.
I am getting my information from but I wonder how accurate it is sometimes.

Its not perfect but its one of the best sources.

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It’s based off of information data mined from the game files. So some of the information is incorrect, because it is incorrect in the game files, and hasn’t been fixed. Which is why some items exist on NWDB, but are not obtainable in game. Because they are written in the code, but don’t yet exist in any way to be obtainable. Or the description/information on the item is written in some way that is incorrect. The Marble storage chest for example. The written description says it’s weight is lower than it is supposed to be.


Thanks. Did not know that.

No problem. But yes. Most the information is correct because of this. However, there are some exceptions, and that’s simply due to the fact that that is how it is written in the game files. So I would take any information from the site with some caution, and check the comments on items, as well as other sources if something seems off.

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Also super helpful if people can leave a comment if something seems weird! I’m the nerd who runs NWDB, some things can indeed be wrong due to how I (and my code) interpret the data.


Hats off to you good sir. Thank you for your work

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Absolutely, thank you for putting effort into this and I try to leave comments on anything I have been able to find. Appreciate it!

Appreciate you helping back!

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