Shard sellers are everywhere :c

Please find a way to remove this, just make it so you cant vote kick anyone inside and not invite anyone when the mutation is started, there are some easy ways to tackle these bugs. and please remove the limit of 25 mutations per week, let us do how many we want, we love the game and want to play all day… remove umbral shard reward after 25 done, and nerf the loot by abit? but just let us farm and play the game like its ment to be played. most other mmo’s dont set a limit to how many dungeons u can do, also if you remove the “weekly cap” make legendary items harded to get in order to balance the loot. Thanks


Nah, you cant remove the votekick or the ability to replace people, problem can occur other than the want to sell shards.

AGS already said that shard selling is fine by them

If they change their minds, the thing that makes the most sence for me is : you have to attack and damags the last boss in order to get the shards. Some people could probably still make it but i think it would reduce the shard selling by a lot.


Shardselling is getting out of hand on my server too and occasionally even causing drama due to scams.


doubt theyll hear ya

You can always hope… :frowning:

Yeah its the same on dry tree EU… sellers take up the damn chatt and everything.

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That is actually a good idea. did not think of that!

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them removing the tuning orbs actually increased the price shard sellers are charging too!

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haha ikr


Yeah now people are limited to do stuff…

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