Shattered Mountain should be PVP-flag only & have risk

In my opinion, there needs to be a high-level territory where you are always vulnerable to PVP encounters, as well as even risk the loot you acquire while in those areas. For the sake of implementing this quickly, I think Shattered Mountain should have this concept implemented. A completely new territory where this is implemented would be ideal, but I don’t feel like waiting an entire year for that to come out. Furthermore, you would essentially risk whatever you looted while in the territory until you get out. If we want this to not be as punishing, maybe risk only half of whatever you looted, completely random. Not only would this help revamp open-world PVP, but it would be a hell of a lot more exciting and fun. Being safe all the time is boring. The open world itself is boring after you’ve already explored it once. A wise streamer once said that PVP’ers make their own content. PVE’ers are limited to whatever PVE currently exists… I really doubt this would turn off any PVE’ers. They get way better loot from mutated dungeons, and there are other places you can farm Orichalcum, Wirefiber, etc. while staying safe.


You’re trying to put mechanics in this game that they already decided to not go with.


I always thought so too, but adding the teleport to the top of Myrkgard kind of kills it.

I agree PvP only risk/reward areas are needed… I was hoping they’d add islands off the coast with no settlements or teleports and different landing sites for each faction. They could add a few good resource spawns and perhaps incentivize going there by adding good PvP loot drops and new increase the rewards for ‘Dominate’ missions


Yea, and after having played the game thoroughly, this is what I want added.

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Forcing PVP is never a good option. I like to do some PVP but also when harvesting or doing quests, there are times I don’t want to get attacked just for the sake of it.

I really find being ganked when harvesting rather boring, lowest form of PVP. Get out abit more lol.

A separate PVP persistent map akin got WVW in gw2 is a better option.


After playing the game thoroughly, I believe that it’s just going to be a bunch of zergs in there, if anyone goes there at all. Who wants to risk that BiS gear that it took all of that gold to craft.


Did you read? I said risk the loot you acquired during that instance of you going into the territory.


Mortal Online takes this approach, go play see if it is something you would really want. You may find it tiresome after awhile.

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Oh, so basically there’s no reward at all.

It’s better than nothing.

Its a very niche thing if you ask me, wanting to continuously go round scalping people.

Casual players would just avoid it as toxic, everyone would just be running round in light armour with Rapier and Spear, not being able to really do much if you ask me.


Go ahead. I just won’t go there lol. At this point I only go there once a day to do chests anyway and I’ll stop once everything is max gear score.

If you’re not into PvP, then it’s not for you. simple. obviously lots of people are into PvP as it’s the backbone of the games end game mechanics

Yeah historically it’s been proven to be extremely niche. Most people will just avoid.

I mean idk what the other’s experience with open world pvp is, but in my case I run around flagged all of the time and the only open world pvp I see is when people are running up influence. And even then…it’s just a Zerg. Looking forward to arenas.

Yea the Arena’s could be good. Cant help thinking everyone will gravitate towards the same build, LA, Rapier and another weapon ( most likely spear) and the corresponding “BIS” perks, turning into a dull event.

It will be interesting to see if they can get it to work. Gw2 did a good job by stripping equipment stats from PvP, opened up the possible builds you could run with. You still have “Meta” builds like Thief but skill comes into play alot if you want to win the leagues.

I suppose we will have to wait and see.

just make pvp and pvevp servers and be done with it.


No to forced PVP.


It’s great being jumped by a group of pvp’rs while you’re out solo farming. It’s fun stuff.


It would completely kill the region look at OSRS the wild is dead no one goes there because they have to risk.

There would literally be no one in this zone mate it would be completely dead except maybe a handful of the same pvpers over and over.

Worse idea so far.


They die so quick have you not seen them in other MMO?

the double loot or whatever you put in them is not worth the risk for pvers and it jsut turns out to be the same 10 pvpers or so lmao.

Best way to completely kill a zone or region of a map in an MMO.