Shell Companies, Cheaters and Bots -- oh my!

Just started playing again in July after a 7-month break. Was enjoying it immensely until too many servers were merged into Orofena. Next came the summer event which led to queues of ridiculous proportions thanks to those aforementioned merges. I still think this was done on purpose to make it appear the game is more popular than it is, but who knows?

Now y’all have raised server caps making everything insanely crowded 24/7. Therefore, gathering of pretty much any resource is next to impossible. Forget trying to craft anything unless you have no life/no job. The green shell companies have taken over the map. Exploits all over the place today and the players involved will most likely end up keeping their ill-gotten spoils versus getting perma banned like they should.

I’m not expecting anything to be done about any of this. Just felt like sharing why I will be quitting again and not coming back for anything. Fool me once…

Yep. 100%

Orofena is a broken server on so many fronts.

As evidence of the shell company take over, look at the ownership of all the towns in this thread I started last night.

This is what happens when you give players too much power - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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Very sad.

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