Shell Companies Continue To Hurt Territory Warfare

AGS what is the update on addressing shell companies? One company owning four territories under four different names is the reality on Pluto. We also see when our faction pushes, another company will push 10% then swap to a shell company to get another 10%. Wars are constant on Pluto, but armies have similar/consistent rosters of the same people.

For territory war to thrive and get more participation, the following needs to happen:

  1. Add a “war exhaustion” debuff to players that locks them out of wars for a day after engaging in a previous war. Have it reset when the daily CD’s reset. This will reduce shell companies as they can’t roster the same army if multiple territories are attacked on the same day. This forces them to choose what to defend and allows other players within the factions to get into wars.

This suggestion isn’t new, but as servers are now fully merged and populations are 1k+, this is going to be an issue on all servers now. AGS please take this seriously and consider doing something like this in the next patch. The toxicity of territory wars causes people to quit and kills factions. Take a hard look at all the issues facing this game mode.


Yup, a company on Evonium also holds 4 territories. It spoils the game tbh.

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