Shell companys = BAN

Well its agains toss, Amazon supose to bann all ppl in chell companys :slight_smile:

Also the constant company name change button its another broken feature in the game.

REMOVE IT !!! It’s only used for troll, abuse and exploits. There is not a single good use of that function.

Here example of Abaton, secondly highest populated server on Europe:

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Here example of Dry Tree, highest populated server on Europe:

I’d suggest something else. 60% (maybe even 70%) of the roster has to be from defending and attacking company. Rest can be mercs. Also company change cooldown should be a week, so that people are not jumping back and forth (I don’t think in normal case people change company that often). This will solve shell companies issue, if they have only 5 people, they’ll get only 25 people on war. Same for the attacking if shell company wants to attack they’ll get only that many slots filled.
This will also balance itself on small population servers. If there are not many people playing every side will have less than 50 people in roster.

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After merges upcoming I really hope low population issue to be resolved on all servers. But paid transfer tickets can unbalance some servers again.

They dont need to change company, all they need is the leader of Shell Company to accept only main company members or give assistants to leaders of main company. They will defend with main company without needing to go in the Shell Company.

Since launch, PvP cheaters and exploiters have systematically ruined the game, yet people didn’t want to take it seriously. Or they thought that if they weren’t involved in PvP, it wouldn’t matter.

Well, it does matter. Servers systematically dying and no amount of server merges helping.
And now it’s far too late, especially since AGS didn’t take enough and lasting action on this issue or lots of other exploits and cheating.

Just stop PvP or stop playing – after all it’s no longer fun, right? Then if AGS doesn’t finally take action and change their fundamental mechanics, e.g., deleting player influence over settlements, then New World can just stay dead and be an example to every game company now and in the future how NOT to do things and how NOT to design systems.
If they rework it to remove the possibility of such major exploits and imbalance, then there’s a chance that a full server wipe and restart of the game can succeed and bring players back.

Until AGS changes their game mechanics and steps up action against cheaters and exploiters, there is no point even restarting servers from zero or making new no-transfer-in servers.

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It’s not unfair when everyone can do it. It’s not against any rules so everyone is free to do it.

How does a company name change make it a exploit? Wtf :rofl:

Either u are trolling or not knowing the game. But company name change has been used for few months to abuse reset Influence.
Whenever a company changed their name Influence got reset to zero. So they were just passing leadership to always an online guy to can never attack specific territories. After couple pushes to 70-90% and reset to zero, almost all companies gave up pushing influence.

Yeah, it’s fixed now. But as I said, it was used only for bad things and now its used only for bad things also: selling territories, trolling/provoking specific person/company.

Give me few example for the good use of company name change? In a game where creating a new company its 2 clicks away and where u have no cooldown debuff for changing company.

Bro why even talk when its fixed? You were talking about now.

it doesn’t stop deck sellers and it doesn’t stop territoriless companies from shelling ether.

Exploiter = someone who did something allowed that i either dont approve of or am too lazy to do.

Or require 50-75% war roster to be from owning/attacking clan and att 7-14 days penalty for leaving clan. Problem solved.

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I disagree with u. Why would 50 guys outside of ur company fight for ur territory just so u can sell the territory or gold from it? (theoretically speaking)
It makes no sense. Those 50 would rather make a company and take the territory for themself.

Ofc there will still be some active company selling territory, but will be on small scale. Also then will be much more competition for territories.
So far atm majority companies are resigned from trying for a territory.

Holy shit, this is true! Makes it really hard to have Shell companies. Dunno how people can oppose this. I mean, you literally can’t be 2 places at once doing things simultaneously!

NW definitely need a fixed schedule for Wars and Chest resets and other stuff. And we need ‘mock wars’ that anyone can participate. And maybe a Timer too…


If jail wasnt be a punishment for killing other poeple i would assume you run around and kill random people just bc there is no penalty for that?

They did the same when duped. Always found lame excuses “is not our fault cuz dupe was in game”, “i duped 999 event food by accident”, etc …

Its sad to see such behavior “we can do all sh1ts cuz somebody dont tell us its not allowed”. Where is the common sense, where is the respect for urself and for the others? Where is dignity?
Yeah, some will say ‘chill is just a game’. But usually ppl true face is shown in games and their actions, not into sweet words.

because at 10% cap to deck a small company with not enough people will benifit far more by selling of decks for quick cash over just losing.

and they can just make a new company after they trade it.

for a medium/well connected company you have a better chance at more decks by shelling.

and they wouldnt care about same war time as they dont have a terriotry.

its all because of the cap

10% means its more effective to do 10% make a shell, do another 10% and repeat over just pushing the full 100% while other companies are pushing. say you have 2 companies pushing in the same way. with many assumptions handwaved.

company a pushes 50%
company B pushes 50% in 5 shells one after another.

assuming a perfect split thats a 1/6 chance for company A. realisticly with variables its more like 1/5 as excess over exactly 10% gets wasted and burns one last 10% push. (minus the individuals that need to sit in each shell)

thats the problem.

Well we saw in the past that humans would and still do.
That was a very poor comparison, not even because it’s just dumb to compare irl killers with shell companies in a video game. Yikes

Another stupid compare, duping is against the rules, everyone can see it, shell companies not. AGS even said it’s allowed…