Shield Attribute Bug ( Still not fixed unbelievable )


Been posting for Fixes to this and Various SS issues since CB. Lets just keep bringing the issue to this thread till we get less of A “just deal with it” post and some form of a fix or a change.

I mean there was this:

In this thread. Which is the only reply I’ve ever seen on the issue. Hopefully something actually happens now.

You wonder why most of the people don’t have a shield? Do you think is it cause majority is dumb or is it cause something else is going on? There a hundreds of bugs to complain and you complain about a working thing bud.

You can see your stats with Sword and Shield equipped if you use ESC instead of TAB, TAB sheaths your Sword and puts you shield on your back, ESC does not.

It’s not a working thing though.

  1. For example, let’s say I have a sword and shield + hatchet as a weapon loadout
  2. The Sword/Shield combo has a combined 20 STR with 10 STR on each.
  3. The hatchet has 20 STR
  4. When my Sword and Shield are equipped I get 40 STR from them and the hatchet combined
  5. When my hatchet is equipped I get 30 STR and only get 10 STR added from the Sword Only because the Shield stats go away the second I sheath the sword.

That’s not right. It is working as coded, and therefore technically working as intended, but it’s not right.


they didnt fix in new patch

that’s literally the point being made… what’s so confusing their basically saying their uptime (maximum stats) when using sword and board is only applied on that bar we don’t need the armor bonus to carry over but the stats and perk do. ex. using luck shield only helps if you kill that thing on that bar looting from a sword and board bar doesn’t apply to luck because it’s sheathed when looting a chest. fundamental coding errors can still be bugs because the intent indirectly harmed the function of that weapon which needs to be fixed a lot of people in this comment section don’t understand and those who do are bumping. similar to a lot of people who still complain about luck when they are just unlucky.



This should be an easy fix. Instead of disabling shield stats when it’s on your back, they should have just made it so that you only get the shield stats when you have a sword equipped, sheathed or not. This also allows Luck to work when you loot a chest and the shield automatically goes on your back. It’s not rocket science.

There’s always a shortage of tanks in MMOs due to people wanting to max their DPS, and this kind of thing just deters even more people from wanting to play a tank role.

It shouldn’t take a team of people to come up with a fix for such a simple issue, and it certainly shouldn’t take this long to fix.

Very disappointing that it didn’t get fixed with the December update.


Yep, another BS lazy New World coder bug.

Such an easy fix didnt make it in to this update as expected.

i can help you fix that for free, @Kay, let me know (Senior Software Engineer/Architect)

tank is already the worst class in the game and they make it even harder

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… or simply remove attributes from shields and add full attribute to swords ; )

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What is unbelievable is that this post hasn’t been flagged, and closed already…

This isn’t a bug, it’s intended… The shield cannot be equipped or “taken out” without a sword. The shield and sword are a SINGLE entity and the stats only work while they are unsheathed.

The moment you sheath the sword, ALL stats from the sword AND the shield are removed. This has been like this since day one…

This is why there is no 0-20 Shield weapon category and only the sword 0-20 levels with shield skills incorporated into the talent trees…

Such effort on this point but no effort on research…

How can you think this was a bug, when it was literally given to you this way since day one, including during beta?.. You aren’t missing anything at all because you never had it…

No, because then non-sword users get bonus perks that sword users will never have available. It should recognize that if slot 1&2 has sword, if statement is true, stats are applied. Its not complicated.