Shield changes + dualwielding options

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Some thoughts about changes that can feel better for SnS:

  • 100% stats on sword rather than 50% sword/shield.
    It has no sense that SnS users lose 50% stats when not using this weapon combination.

  • using shield with any other 1 hand weapon.
    1 hand weapons should have a primary trait tree:
    for swords it will be obviously “Swordmaster”
    for rapier > “blood”
    for hatchet > “berserker”

Example, you can use hatchet with shield, then you can use “bersker” traits/skills + “defender” shield traits/skills

  • instead of using shield, you can use with 2 x 1h weapons = dualwielding
    the offhand weapon will use the secondary trait tree:
    for swords, an other trait must be created for this purpose
    for rapier > grace
    for hatchet > throwing

Example; you can use atchet with rapier, then you can use “bersker” trait/skills + “grace” rapier traits/skills

I think this idea is easy to implement, offers different game options and has a place in the future if new one-handed weapons are added.

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This will be on the next patch. It is now on the PTR.

Players now retain the attributes from their shield while a sword is equipped but sheathed.

Edit: Not Working

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