Shield downgraded!

I have a second shield that was similarly downgraded but I don’t have a before shot.

EDIT: On further inspection it appears to be all shields, even blue downgraded to green, orange downgraded to purple. As if sword & shield wasn’t bad enough.


Are the stats the same?

Attributes are the same but a perk has been removed

hmmm, that isnt cool. what was the perk?

I had a legendary shield compulsion stored in one of my storage areas( my only legendary drop of the game so far)… It was worthless at GS 500 because if the awful watermark system, however when I was looking through all my storage looking for my missing harvester set, I noticed it was downgraded to purple now. NICE!

I’ve got the before and after screenshots for one of the items in the OP, but it’s every shield this has impacted.

I had that same shield as a legendary item as well. Furthermore, I was able to dye it previously.
It’s been downgraded to epic and I can no longer dye it. :frowning:

Yeah, but did you notice that the Compulsion Shield is not giving Stats!!! Thats right… No Armor or +12 to Str… Soo it was waaaay Nerfed… At least that it how it is for me… On Tlalocan

Was it hidden in the Updates that you were going to be downgrading gear? I’m a tank and Sword/Shield are my Main items… 2 of my Shields were just Downgraded from Epic with Effects I spent HOURS farming to get to an uncommon and common… I might be done if this is going to be the way you do updates by Downgrading Everything Without Notice!!

On the only positive side you fixed Rook’s Defense to have a Tower Shield Appearance, Not the original but muh I’m still Mad about all my other shields being Nerfed to Nothing!!!

So… Thanks for Nothing but Ending my Game Time… 610hrs down the drain…


I have had this same issue aswell as 100% of the people that are tanks with these downgrades have rendered shields you kept for selling of for your tank build useless as its removed curtain buffs/perks usefull for builds im sorry but i have not taken screen shots as i didnt think i would have to screenshot every bit i gear i have in storage aswell as having things vanishing from storage my best shield to date 550gs legendary shield bricking my tank build woohoo we get horticulture gear for the removel of these items but having people build getting bricked and now having to spend hrs and hrs trying to get the gear back so able to play the build feels like a slap in the face

My shield lost its shield bash modifier

That’s all part of Ninja Nerf. They secretly removed/downgraded a lot of items.

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AlSo shield stats down work

My shield went from purple to green, i just deleted it, ninja nerfed for funzies by the devs…

Yes, I had the same issue after patch my shield in my inventory went from Epic to Green.

Well there is the Answer to this in the Dev Blog …

  • We also did a tuning pass on a number of equipment shortly after release that have just recently made their way into the game. We made these changes because a number of new perks had been created, but were not well-represented on our named items. We updated a variety of our items with fixed perks to host the new effects. We understand this has disrupted some of your carefully tuned character builds. In the future we will be more discerning and forthcoming about any changes we made here.

So it was Intentional and I’m done … too many hours wasted on a Game that was supposed to be for Fun, yet met by Nothing but Grief from the Dev’s! I guess I got my money out of the game… not giving another dime to these Rats that just Love to change everything on a whim and don’t give a **** about the players.

Shields were Already a PITA to get with good attributes/perks… You All might as well forget playing a Tank and just go play DPS… they Obviously don’t want Tanks. Me… I’m gonna go find another game to play…


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