Shield Rush all the time failing

This skill I think is one of the most desync skills in the complete game. Almost every time I use it, even if the target is close to me it doesn’t hit it. Is like it rush forwards but doesn’t hit.

Would be possible to fix this skill for next patch?


this skill had an excellent hitbox, but there was an update that they changed the hitbox, because they said it was going beyond the animation of the skill. but the new hitbox is terrible!

The only thing I know is that many times I use this skill even if visually I’m hitting my target and is close to me it does not do it. It makes me terrible angry.


So glad someone mentioned this. I thought it was just me. I feel like I just pass through enemies sometimes.


this is really frustrating

Yeah the hitbox update messed with it. Hope they realise this and fix it soon.

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I did notice since I’ve been gone for 6 weeks that shield rush doesn’t track the target at all sometimes, I’ll press it while looking at someone while they are staffing around me and it just goes strait without turning at all, can actually just walk around this skill lol


Yes, and I think is ridiculous how this skill fails so much and then when I use leap targeting in a complete different direction it jumps to someone near to me XD

This game needs to check a lot of things for next patch I think.

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And here I thought I just had bad internet.



The 180 leap when I’m trying to escape someone and instead turning around to hit my attacker has killed me to many times


dps sns is dead next patch buddy, re-roll GS sadly.

Melee homing needs priority where the crosshair is placed

It also tracks players above or below you… Fighting on different elevations can be a nightmare


Leaping strike literally dead on patch so hopefully when they rework swordmaster to actually have a dps identity again they will revisit tracking, until then no reason to use dps sns over GS or Spear.

It’s not dead. It’s one of the best gap closers in game. But yes, swordmaster tree, specifically whirling blade needs a rework

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Yeah its definitely dead. I have mained light dps SnS for over a year. With the mitigation changes and the healing changes to hatchet you won’t be able to play dps SnS competively anymore. GS and Spear surpass it so far its just not even close, GS was already better in most scenarios except for leaping strike being a high damage engage and the best execute in the game, now relentless rush is just better at both of those things.

From a dps stand point it’s pretty dead, on melee players I’ll hit them for 800 sometimes with me having 300 str, leap got nerfed by 50% so am I going to be doing 400 on a leap? I hope not, god forbid I go 300 con instead

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That was the point? Making leap less damage and more utility, it has near instant reposition, stagger, slow

You’ll be fine, just use it to stay stuck onto a target and stop crying doomsday before the patch is out

Shaking things up is good. Finally one mistake fighting a Warhammer/SnS and it’s not a one-combo dead. Yay

Well it does the exact damage of a light attack now, GA’s charge had no damage reduction yet it travels farther than leap does, coulda just removed the stagger cause it doesn’t actually do anything, not enough time to do a light attack on the target. AGS did everything to prevent shield bashing into things when all they had to do was increase the time it takes for shield bash to come out

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+1 fix the tracking or revert it to how it was before.

I’d argue you’re playing the game wrong

There’s many times to stagger a target to interrupt an opponents ability

E.g. those unkillable healers, if you stagger them back to back they’re forced to Pot instead of LE/DE to full HP

But to each their own.

On topic, tracking for melee needs a higher priority to where we’re aiming