Shields downgrading in rarity all across the game

I know this is already on the list of known bugs so I didn’t post it on the bug/exploit forum, just bringing this up again because I don’t feel like it’s being discussed at all and yet it’s pretty game breaking if you’re tying to get a specific shield.

The one shield I need and have been planning on getting for a while now, only drops from the Lazarus Expedition quest “The Original Guardian” and I have been refraining from running the expedition at all because I don’t want to be rewarded with a bricked shield and have no way to revert the issue in the future.

Also, in the December PTR we were able to get shields from chests that had a working-as-intended Carnelian Gem (taunts active) socketed into them. Is this, or when is this becoming a feature? Seems like an easy fix to the problem of sword and shield users needing to lose out on a gem slot just for having to add a taunt mechanic to their build. Right now we also lose out on 15 potential attribute points the moment we swap to a different weapon. It’s a little bit too penalizing imo.

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