Shirking Fortification nerf is too much

I believe a few good points were made.
I will not spend more time getting my point accross.
It would be great to keep SF in the pool perk. Versatility, melee viability and all :slight_smile:

And for those who don’t understand how forums work. Feel free to use this space for off topic rants, your company made of your own cloned alts, how you never needed the strongest perk in the game because a blue sword and green boots is all you needed in the wild!?
Share with the rest what you had for dinner yesterday for all I care. I’m out.

Totally agree, nerf it don’t kill it.

Its fine guys. :slight_smile:
Fortify is nerfed 5x on light, 4x on med, 3x on heavy.
90% of fortify perks will be a debuff because everyone will switch to Invigorated Punishment after Mortal Empowerment nerfs.
Shirking fortify is a totally useless perk. Imagine making a meta for ~1 year where people have to get full sets with fortify to be BIS and then change it soo much that the perk and all those sets become completely useless… God, AGS balancing team should work as bouncers… That’s the only profession I can think of now, where your job is to bully your employers customers.


I think the overall nerf to Fortify was really unhealthy. If you are going to change the formula, you also need to tweak the values in the game to match. Right now, 10% Fortify is still being valued more than 10% Empower, which makes no sense.

A little direct, but you speak the truth. Hahaha

And when the bouncers are too severe, the club is empty.

shirking fortification is useless, as well as fortifying perforate with the recent nerfs = if you put either one of these in your armor - you will take more damage from Invigorated punishment enemies. They should remove them from the game instead of making it worthless / taking up space

100% agree, the solution is:

Reduce effectiveness on light (they get too tanky)
Keep effectiveness on medium
Slightly increase effectiveness on heavy

Also slightly reduce effectiveness overall or nerf to 3 secs if you need to nerf it!
3 secs is short. No in and out, it only works when you are in the thick of it.

But making the perk worse than useless… come on!

Sounds exactly how it should be and similar to how it used to be back when wars were fun lol.

Agreed they should have kept the same % absorption and decreased its effectiveness in light and other weapon perks if they wanted less fortify. This whole idea of it scaling off armor is ridiculous cause it kills multiple fortify perks in the game ( it kills it cause they are worthless and should never be taken ever again)

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When we had heavy everything on point? That was fun? That was one of the most despised periods of war meta… this will be worse. Bow to your flame and bow overlords and heavy bb unkillable point tanks.

unkillable point tanks, as we have now? IG/BB on points, not much change. If you are on point it doesn’t matter if you are WH/GA or IG/BB you should be heavy, it’s the role of heavy users. Light in the enemy back line to harass and kill enemy healers/range and medium in between point and your healers/range dps to support the heavies on point and to protect your backline. Sounds good to me.

Enjoy then.

But there will be no light schizo, that is killed by fortify nerds. And there will be no medium bruisers anymore to contest heavies on point due to changes to fort and reduction of melee damage…

It will just be heavies on point and bow mages blasting them.

That is an odd take on bouncers, things must have change since I bounced. We were really just glorified adult baby sitters there to ensure the safety of patrons from other unruly drunk patrons.

I’m with you on this, the nerfs on melee class is way too hard, for people that have 5 shirking/freedom/resil pieces on their light/medium and heavy armor now needs to reinvest more time on new gear. Devs don’t care about the time we spent on gears in the game. Then why should we care if the game dies as the PTR goes live.


Agree with everyone…

Shirking fort nerf is too much for heavies especially… it’s totally different from what was mentioned in forged in aetherm

The idea they had to reduce it for light was fine. The system using armor instead of straight absorption is also fine.

BUT the numbers (4% for SF) for instance… should be 3X higher… 3x higher makes it slightly less in medium, same in heavy and worse in light.

Very simple. But if you miss one step you make dozens of perks useless.
(sacred ground perk, hatchet fortification, defiant stance, BB fortification, SF, perforating and many more)

Why make the game poorer?

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Bruisers ruled war before shirking fort was in the game, they’ll still rule war after. You’re all delusional thinking meta is gonna change to some ranged battle, i bet you still only see 4-6bows and maybe 3-5 mages.

Shirking fort was a horribly designed perk, allowing light armor users to have more survivability then a basic heavy user just by simply dodging an attack was not a good idea. Unless you’re an absolutely horrible player, it might as well not even have a condition as it is so absolutely easy to proc.

So what? Everyone had to re-roll gear when they released shirking fort, and freedom didn’t even work for the first like year of the game and is also newer rolls.

I don’t understand these forums, everyone cries for changes, cries about how the game is stale, and then cries when they get change.

I don’t think bruisers will, they will still be there though.

No-one disagrees that SF should be stronger in heavy than on light armors. I did a post months ago to nerf it on light already and that’s what we are advocating for in this post also.

The goal here is to see change without destroying one of the game main mechanics: fortification.

I mean, I would agree with you that they shouldn’t destroy the fortification mechanic, it has worked fine up until this point in the game, and only became a serious issue with the introduction of overpowered, and easily activated shirking fort.

But your post is specifically talking about shirking fort, which is a horribly designed perk, that again IMO might as well not have a condition on it, because when are you not dodging an attack in new world PVP? Unless you’re a healer or a bow/musket, you should likely always be dodging at least something, every few seconds. It really needed the nerf, although again. I would agree that straight up nuking fortify across the board was unnecessary.