SHOP ! Please dont make Wings!

They put up for sale a butterfly outfit for sale.

Why don’t they make 17th, 18th, 19th century clothes for female characters and knights?
something real would be better. Please ,please don’t make wings!


AGS literally does the opposite of what players want. We ask for exactly what you said in droves (many many many threads) and what we get is crap with the same colors as most of their gear… teal and purple. I’m convinced they are buying Final Fantasy’s extra store designs they were gonna toss in the trash. I don’t like to poo on others art but when you job is to make designs to sell for a game they should fit that game and have well thought out colors and appeal to the greater playerbase. Again… the ideas for what would be cool and sell have been pouring through these thread for MONTHS. Clearly you at AGS don’t read these thread like you say you do.


The public scruttinizes game companies over the slightest sexualization of females these days and target big companies. Amazon would most likely have to pay millions in ridiculous lawsuits and constant public relations justifying their decisions with conservative groups. So they probably just opted to go with the most Everyone version of an T rating they can go.

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For God’s sake, don’t do like GW2 did! Keep the seriousness initially proposed, bring serious, decent clothes, no wings, no frills!

Where are the designers for that company? Put them in a room and have a good conversation with them!


Totally agree!!!

They created a dark and beautiful world. No need to spoil the past with random themes and no need to copy other MMOs either

A good reference would be the settings created in the series of games “The Witcher”. And we know that amazon had inspirations in this, just look at the brightwood map

Clothing and scenery are very important in an MMO

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Forgive my shoe horning the somewhat disconnected idea but i assure you this is in the long run beneficial to this cause at least for building a theme.

There was a post called “quest creation tools” and ive already put together a few stories for the post but the mod is looking for more before they will submit this idea. But it would be a great indicator of what kind of quests they should be focusing on making and what kind of players that have in their community. And catering to the theme of that kind of content they should be working on with a more practical understanding than simply catoring to the noisiest of us.

Skins really have been bad lately. Some of the ones coming back in $70 bundles are actually pretty cool though of course lol.

I really don’t get it, even the weapons. People keep asking for a SIMPLE Greatsword skin and there isn’t one. It should have been there from the release of the GS for people who don’t like the ridiculous looks they’ve gone with.

Once again requesting a basic Zweihander or Claymore skin please!

I purchased the Dusk Spirit bundle of skins. The Dark Scion skin was one of my favorites in that bundle until you get to the wings. The wings ruin that chestwear skin.

I agree. AGS please NO more wings!

It was the same with the bundle that just left the store. I liked the outfit (forget the name) that also had wings. But I didn’t buy it because it had wings and the rest of the bundle didn’t appeal to me, so I didn’t bother with the bundle either.

If that one set did not have the wings, I would have at least purchased the single skin set.