"Short delay" for saved names

So I saved my name and a friends, when I delete those characters to make my one on the server I choose, what is the short delay mentioned in another post to when the name can be reclaimed? Is there a difference in time between me being able to reclaim my deleted character and my friend claiming the name from my alternate deleted character in their name?


Hi @Snottco

Names are locked to an account for a short amount of time after a character is deleted, however there is not a specific time frame for the system to unlock a name.

Welcome back to Aeternum!!

Could you clarify on this because there seems to be going a lot of misinformation around regarding the name availability of deleted characters.

Does “there is not a specific time frame” means after my “short amount of time” is expired, name is available to other accounts/players?
For example, I have released a name 1,5 hr ago and it is still not available (name is very unique, so chance it got nicked meanwhile is very low).

Some clarifications on what is “short amount of time” would also be good.


The same problem with my friends. I wrote to the amazon support and they said it takes up to 24h hour until the name has been unlocked. There is no way to do it manually or do it faster.
Now my friends are sitting up to 24h at the name selection screen until their names are up again…

Hi @Moonarys

There is no official information about the specific time for a name to be released after a character was deleted.

The information provided by the Devs is that locked names are released after a short amount of time.

I sent your feedback to the Devs team about this matter!!


Shuvi thanks for the reply: However, it would then somewhat contradict to what was written by CS above, at least how I understand it.

It still raises the issue that majority of the information we are getting is wildly different times and from players, aka not official.
Glad to hear we are going to get some clarification on this LouisC. Thanks.

Hello there @LuisC

Wondering what the update is regarding giving us any information about how much time “a short amount of time” is?

It’s been 4 hours now and the name has still not been released - am I expected to camp the login-screen for the full (supposedly) 24-hour duration in order to secure my name?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a pleasant day

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there is not a specific time frame for the system to unlock a name.

It might be good for you to seriously clarify this. I too have the same issue, my spouse kneejerk reserved my name for me. I guess I’m not getting it, if the guy above me has waited over 4 hrs.

Had we known, wouldn’t have done this, but I had read a reddit comment from AGS NW_Mugsymania stating characters are available 1 minute after deletion, but he didn’t clarify that was only for the original character maker. We mistakenly assumed that meant for everyone, and that this would be safe to do. Now I either have to choose a different name (after good names have all been taken) or wait an indefinite time period… and I can’t sit here checking every minute.

Not happy. As dosui said…

just remove the delay altogether please :slight_smile: i’m not trying to miss the entirety of launch day.


my spouse reserved my name for me

I’m right there with you @Dree. I’m actively checking for availability with small intervals so I’ll post if it becomes available to me.

Best of luck to the both of us!

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Thank you for asking.
In case we have to wait longer can we open a Ticket to accelerate it?

Hey y’all - I tested this out with a friend. It seems that if you “reserve” a name on your own account, you can delete the character and remake it with the same name almost within a minute or so. However, my friend tried to do the same after I deleted the character again and it has not worked (and now it has been several hours later). So it seems that names reopen to the same account fairly quickly, but do not open to the entire userbase for a while. Hope that helps!

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Hello there @WarriorCE

I am writing on behalf of those of us that are still waiting for a reply here in the " “Short delay” for saved names post.

Do you have any update for us from the Devs? I know some of us are re-typing the name which friends/partners/family reserved for us - and I know that most of us would prefer not to use an obscure and unclear amount of time doing so - we would really like to play with the rest of the New World players :slight_smile:.

Hope your day is great and that you are met by many kind players :heart:.


Hi @Lokthan

So far there is no official information about the specific time required for a locked name to be released to be used, keep a track on the Forum Official News for any updates regarding this matter.

Also if any information is provided from the Devs team I will posted here as well.



I just tested this as well. It’s true. It took 1 minute or less to become available for me to create a character with the deleted character’s name on a different server.

Thank you for your reply @WarriorCE

While that reply does give us some information, it doesn’t give us a good outlook on when we can expect an update.
I was wondering if we could find a temporary solution through the submission of a Ticket on an individual case basis until something more clear have been established?
I’ve attempted to demonstrate an example below:


  • Person A writes a ticket about a name to be released from a character which they reserved for Person B
  • Ticket is created
  • Issue is solved
  • Reply about Ticket being solved is received by Person A
  • Person A tells Person B about the released name now being available
  • Person B creates their character and can now enjoy playing the game with their desired name.

If this is something we can do, what type of Ticket should we make for this particular issue?


A quick Live Chat with customer service claims that it’s a 90-day name lock. Which is a little absurd to me. And that there is no way to bypass this, despite even if the other account reclaimed/still has the name and is confirmed willing to delete it.

Why is there a need for such an extreme amount of time? If someone has deleted a name, then they are no longer playing it, willingly confirmed deletion, revoking rights to the name. It should be freed up promptly.


Thank you for posting this @Dree.

Not only is that nothing short of absurd, but it is also vastly different information than what was provided by @WarriorCE.


Hey @Shuvi

I was wondering if you would be able to post the information you were given by Amazon Support in regards to the 24-hour information on when names are released from accounts.

I’m attempting to see if there is any consistency in the replies in order to figure out what we should accept as the correct answer.

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Hello again @WarriorCE

In the post “Short delay” for saved names, we have received some different information both from you but now also from Customer Service from the Live Chat.

The answers we are given are:

  • the ambiguous “locked names are released after a short amount of time” comment from the Devs given to us from @WarriorCE.
  • “Up to 24-hours” according to @Shuvi’s chat with Customer Service
  • “90 days”, as can be seen from @Dree’s screenshot with Customer Service

Can you please help us figure out what we are to trust as being the correct answer?
I cannot imagine that the replies can be so different, and if so - then someone must have more access to the correct information-channels than others.

Hope you can help us out with making sense of all of this.


I think people are confused by the mechanics of what a name reservation and a name lock are.

The lock is a result of the character existing currently in the database still. While it doesn’t appear on your character select screen it hasn’t been completely deleted from the dataset so a new character with that name can not be created yet. It takes a little bit of time for that process to run to make that name available to you again to use on a new character.

The reservation occurs when you delete the character and is to ensure that you have access to that character name again before anyone else does. I’ve seen multiple posts now where they have said that the name reservation is 90 days.

Also, I am pretty sure the main issue with people complaining about this are those people who tried reserving a name for someone else who intended to play on a different account. That consistently doesn’t work in past MMOs. I can attest to that as someone who plays with their spouse and we’ve tried it in the past unsuccessfully on multiple occasions. It makes sense that it doesn’t work, it’s the equivalent of cutting in line.