Shortpost whats this about light armor

The VAST majority of players that play light armor already feel like it was over nerfed in brimstone… Id pay money to go back to that patch because the game has became so much less skillful since the change. Light is not really the meta, sure for healers and ranged, but most are still bruisers, IG/BB etc people will complain about light because thats who they die to the most probably.

Before if you outplayed someone, you could get away, not always but it was a possibility. I’ve already made more than one thread on this, but a bow player should be allowed to swap to offhand and fight 1 v 1, and you’re making it so they cant. Why are you catering to the slower playstyles in the wrong way. Sure there are some light builds that can survive pretty well… ( Hatchet ) but its mostly cause of hatchet or the player being insanely skilled … you’ve done nothing but dumb down the combat since Brimstone sands… you’re really upsetting a lot of the playerbase with these proposed changes much less the current iteration.

Just explain to me why someone can always catch up to me if Im just running away in light no matter what they are in with movement speed passives, Isn’t light supposed to be fastest? sometimes even if I have zephyr cakes, if they get close, they catch up … I get its a pain chasing someone forever and I like the idea to some degree in giving heavy or med ways to catch up to light, but Im using rapier and bow with all movement speed passives and if I get hit by a spell Im slowed someone thats 30 meters away is already on top of me by the time that wears off, then they catch up to me and my riposte doesnt work it just breaks or they use GS and then riposte goes off but they relentless rush so they dont have to care cuz somehow they are outta range to get stunned? But say okay then learn to dodge… sure except GS literally attacks constantly and quite often hits when youre dodging. Even when I run 200 con there’s absolutely no survivability even when I outplay a melee user I still lose the fight… where I used to be able to fight two of a newer player I cannot fight 1 and win anymore unless I get the drop on them because they are attached to you and sure if they are bad enough I can out rapier them face to face but most people still playing have learned to 1) dodge out of riposte and 2) all they gotta do is use GS and constantly attack or Hammer stun you then armor breaker and youre already dead.

Kinda busy right now so not the best written post but youre going in the wrong direction… you overnerfed light on brimstone patch I havent even seen people complain about light that much? I see people complain about specific weapons… fix hatchet fix musket, if you wanna overnerf bow nerf bow more but ffs let me have a chance to outplay someone just in general. Just because they can left click me being able to dodge at the right times using the correct skills at the correct time should allow me to at least get away if not kill them.

I play this game everydaaaaaaaay. pvp has been more frustrating and Im just now getting used to the Brimstone changes by playing like a coward … how am I gonna tell bowmen to play on point at the beginning of OPR if you keep nerfing light in the way that lights supposed to be better. INC med dex meta … kinda zzzzz also if you wanna talk about unkillable 250 dex bowmen aint gonna be what you wanna fight.

You keep making spells hit larger AoE (less skill) well bow you tightened hitbox, GS covers such a high area… fireball is half the screen, flamethrower is so hard to use right? its great that that spell is effective to the point of even if I hit my shots I still get got 1 v 1 unless Im way far away then they just launch the fireball and put down their auto aim (0 skill) pylon. sheesh stop nerfing things just cuz you dont play them… I get GA doesnt do a ton of damage, but it has the best utility in the game.