Should I open my 150+ OPR crates before the patch or after the patch?

I have 150+ Opr crates, ill end with over 200 by the patch comes out. Someone said that they are going to reduce the amount of purple items from the chest? So should I open them now or should I wait after the patch? Are all past Rusher items going to be upgradeable?

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Hello @McKnightrider,

I haven’t got any visibility about the the amount of purple items will be reduced from the crates, now the decision of opening them now or later is completely up to you.

Going back to the information that you mention on reducing the amount of purple items, can you share me the link of where you saw this so I can dive a little deeper into it? Thanks in advance.

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Someone told me in game and to check the PTR but I can’t exactly get a large amount of OPR crates to test it.

Just keep the purple items with good 2 perks and you can upgrade them next patch and get 3rd random perk. Hope luck is on your side.

That’s false. Perk bucket percentages are unchanged at the moment so the drop rates should be identical.

It is likely that they will update the items to be upgradable, but we don’t know for sure yet.


thank you!

Thanks for your reply! @McKnightrider and @JakeL

We really appreciate your help replying to this post @JakeL

I also would like to share the link of the news section of the forum to stay tune with the lates updates of the game and patch.

Here is the link:

Hope this information help you and have a nice day! :wolf: