Should mobs be able to catch up to you?

I don’t think there’s many mobs that can actually catch up, save the odd boss, and even then you can fwd roll ahead easily enough.

This leads to immersion breaking moments (least for me) all the time, when you’re doing something then a big group mobs blow through chasing another player.

If mobs could catch up, it would add a little bit of risk in the PVE side of the game (where there is virtually none) and would make Zergs/World Tours a little more tricky (let’s not forget these are unintentional to the game’s design and frankly a mind-numbing experience).

Has this been considered before?

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I always kind of thought this was weird too. I mean I can count a few mobs that can, in specific circumstances, catch a player, but if you know what to listen or watch for you can just dodge it and keep running most of the time. It does lack challenge and makes training way too valid of a playstyle in many cases.


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