Should Shell Companies be a bannable offense?

Lets talk about it. I think Shell companies should be a bannable offense…

Not perma, 3 day and everyone removed from company. To keep server balance a little easier and manageable, to force better PvP and less transfers.


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The game allows it. If the game wanted to prevent shell companies, make the companies actually have to work to keep their town.

  1. Give a cooldown on leaving/joining a guild so you cannot instantly change companies
  2. Have a certain amount of influence in the town earned by your members each day/week/whatever in order to keep holding the town, else town goes neutral.

a 10 man guild would have an issue earning enough influence, but a 50-100 man guild could manage it easily. Shell companies, unless you had the population to fill them, and then they wouldnt be a shell, but just an extension of your main guild, would also have issues maintaining influence points in the town to continue to hold a town.

(Not a new idea, as in Dark Age of CAmelot your guild had to have bounty points that would get earned by guild members killing people in RvR(pvp) and you would pay those points per hour of owning a keep… so if your guild wasn’t active, it was a massive drain and you would eventually lose the keep when you hit 0).

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You can’t really ban, the game just has to be set up better to prevent it and we’ve sen how good the devs are at keeping people from exploiting their game.

They need to have cool downs on company switching. You shouldn’t be able to switch more than once a week and probably less. There should probably be a limit on how many territories a faction can own but that’s a lot more complicated and could also goof over legit players as big companies will still control all your factions territory.

Over all this game has been ripe for exploitation and the devs are unfortunately more worried about nerfing and rabbits than making the game a long term sustainable game that people will stick around for. Should have been the greatest MMO in history and instead it’s a nitch game with a dying population.

Its tough really. On one hand they circumvent the system which to me is the same as an exploit. AGS lets behavior like this exist and it just encourages people to cheat because why not? On the other hand, AGS lets this behavior exist and they are partially at fault for not doing anything about it. We heard long ago they were in talks about how to fix this from happening. That was months ago. Obviously they don’t care enough so /shrug.

To me this is not healthy for the game. AGS letting it continue is just hurting themselves when they lose players over it. They are also hurting the players that love the game. The players that do this type of thing don’t give a damn about the game. They will just move on to the next one and do it there.


Not sure how these would pan out but I think there’s some good stuff.

If the game wanted one company to own Windsward and Everfall with different siege windows, then the game would allow it. Except it does not.

Shell companies circumvent the double, triple, quadruple+++++ declaration mechanic.

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An easier way to prevent this is only allowing a player to slot in one war per day.

Stoping someone from changing companies for a week doesn’t make sense.

Should exploiters be banned? Of course.
But don’t hold your breath. Officially an EXPLOIT but where are the BANS? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums
AGS is too scared to lose any more players.

But this exploit as well as many others would be a non-issue if the settlement system were completely removed from player control. That should never have been the model as it just opens up all sorts of exploits.
Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

It shouldn’t be bannable, but the developers should definitely start to work on systems that prevent one company from owning the entire map.

I agree on the war entry limit but why doesn’t limit company switches make sense? The only point to switch multiple times a week is to exploit it.

I get it you may join a company and end up not liking it but it will likely take a week to figure that out. A week is more than fair.

Or they can have it to each data center have Region wide 1 hour war window everyday. Which mean during each data center’s prime time for one hour wars take place. After the timer expire no wars can take place till the next day. Which would stop most of the company based exploits dead in their tracks.

If you have the strong leadership to hold multiple settlements. Under a alliance of corporations. That’s perfectly fine. But at least we stop the each server being dominated by the same 50 cheaters. These people leaderships, will have to direct the efforts of 150 to 300 people if they want to control the whole server by themselves. At that point, I’m pretty sure nearly everyone would be ok with it. It just means that alliance leadership is top tier and deserves the map.

This is a great idea too. One war time for all so they all have different companies getting a chance.

The problem is more that some pvp players always try to bend the rules and give the problem to the game to justify it.

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this is the way; just allow people to vote on the time based on whether or not they complete town upkeep

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