Should we exploit it too?

What happened to the players who duplicate the honing stone?
Why weren’t the duplicated honing stones deleted?
Before dupe Powerful Honing stone was selling for 400 gold now it’s down to 190 gold and there are lots of honing stones in the trading post.
Do you want us to use the vulnerabilities of the game too? Criminals get rich and go unpunished and destabilize the trading post.
Someone who abused the duplication vulnerability, I reported a suspicious player to you, but no response.
We don’t want to play the game because of you anymore!!!

If you exploit because others exploit, you’re still exploiting which should and will land you the same punishment regardless of your view of it. There is no excuse that gives justification to cheat.

I do not exploit, but I feel like an idiot when those who do are not punished, what I mean is; Do you want everyone to exploit the bugs ? punish the criminals

If everyone exploits, everyone is guilty. Nobody wins.

With how many people exist that cheat in games including NW, expecting the 1 person you accuse or suspect or report isn’t going to be immediate in an ocean of people that are willing to do the same.

Hello @stmessiah.

I Know what happened with the exploit is very frustrating, but as @Zentaragi mentioned, it’s always better stay away from that and play by the rules.

Here’s an official announcement regarding this:

We appreciate all the reports.

I didn’t get the answer I wanted to get, but I see that the exploiter is still online, it doesn’t look like he was penalized, I’m sending you the video of the exploiter. Everyone who plays the game knows that a normal player cannot have 980 Powerful Honing Stones without cheating or exploiting.
What more proof do you need?

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