Should we roll back crafting?

Crafting cost going way up. No more skilling up using lower stuff.

Anyone who has ever played an mmo an crafted knows your skills increase with the higher item levels you create.

What sence of accomplishment could you have cheesing your way to max level doing entry level crafting stuff. Thats borderline exploit, a bug that one uses over and over to get an advantage. This should of been fix before launch.

New World PTR Datamine - 11/10/21 : newworldgame (

Perhaps we need to roll back crafting.

Or no? I was leveling my crafting for many, many, many days using only best avalible materials. Why should I get a rollback?


It was not a bug at all, You used extra low level mats getting less experience to avoid the refining needed for higher level stuff. You had to make more items to get the same experience. Not an exploit at all.


Wrong. The cost does not go up. The higher tier items will give you way more XP so it will balance itself out. Btw. the materials for skilling with low level stuff were not cheap, while the higher tier materials are cheaper than dirt. Just look at iron hide, you can buy a whole warehouse full of it just for 10 gold.

Cant buy anything and I have to wonder if there is a wee bit of a coincedence here not just related to the furniture dupes.

No thanks it tooke hell of time to level up JW and Armoring

You do not need to buy anything now as the patch has not arrived yet. Does not matter in that case. The prices on patch day will be the same as always since nobody really knows what people will buy and how. Currently nobody is buying anything.

Also it will not be much more expensive than before. As someone who has engineering 200 with 3x major trophies, i know what i talk about. Prices will not change much and additional 5-10k to get from 0 to 200 - this is nothing.

Look at it like this, knowing you have to refine to get higher tier mats for crafting means refining reagents are going up. If you have the money you could empty the trading post of reagents and sell them in a week when everyone needs them more.

I am saying the MP shut down could also be to stop that from happening.

Eh you know how crazy the supply of the crafting materials and refining reagents is? Everybody and their dog is running elite chests these days. Everyone has tons of that stuff. You can’t buy it up, even if you put up buy orders and buy everything that you can, your gold cap will not be enough to buy everything and the second it will be empty, thousands of players on that server will dump materials into the trading post. You can flip multiple super rare materials or like one rare material like starmetal ore, but even then people will tell you to buzz off and go farm it, if it is overpriced.

You can really control only the market for specific endgame items like void ore if you want, but even then it will be very very hard to bump the prices - everyone will undercut you.

Some crafts are getting an increase to xp required to level, but not a increase to xp gained for crafting items. Even those that are getting an increase to xp gained by crafting items, the increase is less than the increase in xp required (about 25% to 33% more xp required than what what you will gain by increased xp gain).

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People always buy stuff to “flip” it in advance of every major update, we can’t shut down the trade post just because of that!

And this is good, if it prevents people from crafting 50k gunpowder and dump that behind the next tree - really good change. Crafting in this game takes some time to level up and it is in general one of the better designed mechanics ingame outside of the stupid idea that low level stuff still gives you XP. Should be 1 XP per item once you are above a certain threshold where that item becomes useless for leveling crafting.

I am not saying they did, I am saying I find the timing and length over something they claim they already removed 98% of the dupes to be suspicious.

Sorry the crafting in this game is terrible overall.

Or perhaps not. I am only half way there in most things and I still say no.

I quite like it personally - they just need to rebalance the amount of XP given by each tier of items. Which games have crafting systems that appeal to you?

Its not so muvh opther games crafting that appeals to me as it is this games system is simply not good and for most of the game adds nothing of value to the economy.

I would like something along the lines of the system earth and Beyond used with some modifications. Less loot drops, more schematics. Named gear having the perks that appear in the tool tip when you consume the scmatic and look at the item before you craft.

This is basically a system that feels tacked on more than important to the game as a whole.

Someone who exploited crafting affects me about as much as someone who started the game before me. None.

what sense of accomplishment for running a marathon vs a sprint? these are two different approaches to the same goal.

the system is changing because.

1)they want to increase demand for high end materials
2)people like the idea of it

they are bad reasons which will have a negative effect on player experience and not improve the economy of crafting.

regardless, there is no reason to roll back crafting. The change is designed such that progress is similar, just methodology is different.

its going to require the same effort to level, there will just be less variation on how you level, and less adaptability to market and territory forces in the leveling process.

I would have no problem with this change if they actually fixed the chests like they originally intended in week 2. Instead… we got a buff that was way overtuned and then a revert back to the chest we were complaining about to begin with and since then… NOTHING. Everybody seems to have forgot about the chest issue.