Showing GS to players

The best part of every mmo is being able to see and compare your progress with other players. Obviously the levels are great but unless there is some sort of prestige system implemented, it all becomes the same for all lvl 60 players, which are most of the players these days.
Since GS leveling is really the main aim for end game, we should be able to see current GS of other players, along side their levels.


Why not. :thinking:

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even checking achievements of others, this would give the added bonus of being able to readily identify bot accounts.

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exactly, not a big implementation, but will have a big impact on player interactions

not a bad idea!

yea bot accounts don’t normally go for achievements like main story and such which would make them easy to spot to pretty much anyone.

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Yes, think it should be easy to implement.

Hello FishT. Interesting suggestion, a few questions before I send it off to the development team.

How would seeing gear score positively impact your gameplay experience?

Does it have any downsides?

If not gear score, what would you like to see instead (example, achievements as mentioned above)

Looking forward to your reply.

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as mentioned, seeing gear score has the same effects as comparing other player levels, but its more relevant since its what the end game is built around. Every mmo has some sort of progressive stat that players can work towards increasing and displaying to the community, and GS seems to be just that in new world.

I dont see any downsides to this at all, its just a simple stat that shows your progress as a player. Same way showing player level doesnt have down sides.

There are other stats that can be available for people to see, but none of them are better than GS. For example viewing other player’s trade skills or achievments would be cool.

Another option for solving this issue, as i briefly mentioned, is a prestige system. Leveling is fun and people love watching those numbers go up and showing it off. Maybe setting cap at lvl 100 and adding multiple prestiges where players essentially have the option to respec their level back to 1, but in return get a different graphic for their level icon corresponding to their level of prestige. Theres obviously a ton of potential for other features, such as prestige rewards but I guess thats for another post.

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