Showing the bad state of the game, topic gets unlisted

Watch it get deleted.

daily those of internet :smiley:

here comes the fruit of our love. 23rd day…

24th day and counting. LETS GO!!!

this is because AGS are compulsive liars. all of their banning is fully automated, resulting in many false bans. any company who had manual bans would simply be able to have a moderator examine this bot and ban it immediately when proven to be a bot.

they will also ban you from the forums for pointing this out. banning the truth because they don’t care about the quality of our game.

That’s Cap fam…

25th day update: My best fishing budddy is not available on 25th day… I am not sure if he is banned or not, because he sometimes dissappear on the wekkend. We will see on monday.

Hope he get ban really soon.
And I hope to see a fkn statement from AGS about how it is possible to reports like that being ignored.

Is it better to lost honest player, instead of some freaking bot whos runing gameplay and economy? AGS come on!


Banning bots happen in waves. For good reason. It makes it harder for botters to figure out what exactly they did that had them caught. So it may seem that the reports are being ignored but its how you catch more bots and prevent them in the future.

Also IMO, spamming bot reports is not constructive just as how making a police report public is more likely to cause more harm then good.

Okay, but come on man. This guy is being reported since 25 days+ for the only one thing he is doing - fishing. So I guess he wouldn’t be surprised what he did and what for he get banned

Its not the what he will be banned for, its the how. And we don’t want them to know how they got caught.

This guy is literally doing one thing in the same place for almost over a month.
I guess Your theory doesn’t match for that kind of botter.

I agree with you about banning them with waves but if you dont ban them for 25+ days they will sell this coin and earn more money then a new account. In this case even banning them will not be a punishment for them since they are profiting.

If you want them to quit using bots, you have to manual ban any reports you see and confirm. If they can not gain more money then a new account price… only then they will quit botting. Imo you have to take action and ban them manually in reports like this.

Before this 25 day reporting period i think i reported this bot for couple of days, my clan reported him, bypassers of the area reported him. Honestly; this shouldnt have lasted this much. Also i am still not sure if he is banned.

One final note is: When this bot started botting he was only botting in low population hours. Then he gained confidence and continued botting in prime times. First he was scared, then he saw nothing is happening he continued this full time.

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So you agree but dont agree. Okay.

I agree that ban waves should happen regarding the software they are using. But manual bans should happen as well. Manual ban doesnt mean their software is banned, so they will continue using the software but get banned in waves because they are using the software ( i dont know if i expressed my self clearly here since English is not my native language).

is the bot back?

@oezcan nope… all the bots on that area is nowhere to be seen :smiley: I am surprised, feel a bit sad about not seing familiar faces but its good for the game :smiley: I understood that they are gone from fish prices also… When bots appear they immediately destroy the prices…

Meanwhile legit players got permabanned :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:clown_face: AGS :clown_face:

Congratulations :partying_face:


lmao this bot is big brain