Shrouded Intent/ Wyrd Armor set

So i’ve done all the quest to make the armor sets but stupidly salvaged them because they werent INT items and now im regreting it because i now have the mats to upgrade it all but cant. It would be amazing if there was a way to stop you from destroying it or a way to replay the quests to get the pieces again.


I’ve got exactly the same problem we should be able to craft those pieces for a low price just so we can finish the upgrades but so far we stuck with nothing :joy:

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Indeed - the shouldve made them quest items to begin with. Since they didnt, they must add the recieps back to the outfitter - but make it BOP, so you cant help others skip a step.

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Well, don’t worry about it. You “only” get 495 epic gear, buying the Level 60 faction armor and if necessary re-rolling the stats on it might take some more time and coins, but it is better than this quest armor anyways. You dont want to use all 5 items on the same weight tier anyways, as a medium fighter a heavy breastplate is better. You don’t miss out on legendary armor.

Thats not the point, I never intended to use it - which is probably why I, in a moment of ignorance forgot these were quest related and salvaged them due to their subpar stats. The point is, we don’t get to complete the quest. And now I am running around with some legendary items that are supposed to go into this armor…


So hindsight is always 20/20, you can ‘lock’ items to prevent accidental salvaging.

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