Shut the servers down for a week!

Think it’s almost safe to say. You guys should shut the game down for a week or so to fix the game. If you stay on this trend more and more will keep breaking. It is obv we are in a spiral going down.

It will come to a point the only people playing are exploiters. We do not need another call of duty. Please fix the game or start banning exploiters.


For a year !
@Edit 10 years !!
150 years !

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You dont seem to be inteligent enough if You not figured out that they CANT fix it in a week or even a month. This will take YEARs with amount of messed up stuff.


Ask for 150 years guys so then we can play without exploits

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i have 19days play time and managed to genarate 50k Gold have 3 houses and Items and ressorce worth abotu 200-300k. U wanna tell me the game with his bug stops u to play it?

No, that would result in horrific crunch time for the devs.

id rather not my fun be tainted with human misery and depression.

they worked 6 years on the game and had multiple betas you think they are able to fix things ? :smiley: :smiley: they allready brought out a not finished game as a full release not even a early acces.

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Preety much i gave New world maximum of 2 weeks when it came out. Looks i was wrong. More like a month and its totally fucked in so many departments. This is most bugged new mmo i played. I remember when eso came out one zone was crashing every 1.5 hour doing rollback still managed to clear handing in quests every hour.
Here ??
Multiple Abilities are bugged on like every weapon
Stats dont reflect actual numbers
Performance of servers is crap
Performance of game itself is crap but looks good
Economy on most servers is shot due to bad endgame mat design
You name it New world got it all if it goes for bugs cheats and exploits.

Last patch that broke more than fixed only shopws how much spaggeti coded this game is. Worry not OP is 10000% sure they can fix in a week what they not managed with over 1 year delay and extra month LOL

mmm spaghetti

You are being ignorant please don’t try to insult others who have been around games since 1998. Plenty of MMOs had to do this and yes in a week you can do a lot with no one playing. Again don’t insult people you just sound like a child.

Possibly yes. But a lot of players feel like it should be done. I really doubt they will lose to many players. What other games are out right now? Nothing… Look at all the games that got Dosed and had to shut down for a week or two. They are still healthy.

point taken

Reminds me why I got out of ESO, they could never fix anything.

Exactly LOL why I left Elder. At least make a test server! Why we do not have a test server just boggles me.

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