Sick of waiting in a queue

I have tried to login for at least 3 hours, I get so close then to be given an error for login in and have to start all over again. I have even had the queue number go up and not down which is not right. If you implemented a free server move, then I would take it. I am not deleting and starting all over again. You need to sort this out ASAP.


Free server moves are actually a great idea.

They announced that there will be free server transfers to specific worlds at some undetermined time.

Yay, I appreciate the info, and it’s relative to those who do not know and might be discouraged to leave. However, does not help now, especially if people chose servers that friends did not due to waiting time and long queues. Guess we will have to hope it is sooner than later.

Which means crap, since it is not available yet.

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