Silence kills the game

Good morning, afternoon or evening, a simple post with very little to say, but that matters a lot to the community that we still support the state of the game.

At times like these, with almost empty servers, broken guilds due to transfers and closures of transfers to servers, with a slow but noticeable decline in players, at times like these to the few players who still have a lot of faith in the game, what more What we need is information from the team that manages the game, to calm us down, tell us plans, whatever, not remain in an uncomfortable silence.

I feel in an empty game, with no one to say anything about the game, it even seems abandoned by the same development team


I feel the same.
Tried to elaborate a thread with suggestions and a lot of things to help, without hate and with easy to implement solutions, but CMs maybe have the instruction to ignore this kind of threads and just look at hate posts and don´t say a word or give any feedback to community.

I really love the game, but Devs, CMs and Amazon just don´t help.

I´m just waiting for a Dev thread where they will give us the date when server will be turned off.


They are silent because they’ve run out of ways to save PvP.

Player counts keep going down no matter the server merges.
OWPVP and PVP influencing so much in a server is the root cause of this game sinking. It attracts cheaters and exploiters and AGS clearly can’t handle them and ban them. They’ve destroyed PvP and along with it, everything PvP influences, which is entire servers.

Delete PVP already, AGS.
Or at least completely separate it from really influencing anything in the game, and make the game much more solo friendly.

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They work. What should they say? They already talk too much, compared to other companies. Be patient

What does PVP need saving from?

I’m pretty sure the only people left are the PvPers who didn’t get to hold everfall or WW before, but, since most people quit, now it’s their turn to hold those cities. Once they craft some stuff they too will quit. I think the majority of players stuck around for PvP or at least the rivalry among factions. I’m sure there were some people who liked to craft and make money, too. I seriously cannot imagine there are many PvEers who play(ed) New World. Do people really grind 2 or 3 dungeons for hundreds or thousands of hours? I’m sure some people do, but there cannot be that many.

here’s an example of how silence is literally destroying this game:

Our server Midian, was ignored in the recent merges and left to rot, because we had already absorbed the rest of the worldset in the last round of merges and putting is into another worldset would have required effort.

Instead of answering us when we asked why, or giving us a look at their vision for the future of our server (which is probably to shitcan it based on their actions) they just said “we dont have any plans to do more merges” and gave everyone transfer tokens and went radio silent.

We just wanted to know if there was ever a chance we’d get new players in so we could keep playing and be patient, and instead we got a vague maybe and shown the door in the form of transfers without any direction.

Most people on the server, after days of waiting for clarification, are now leaving because it looks like the developers don’t give a crap and want our fairly active server with a great community to just die so they dont have to deal with the merge issues it might cause to fix us up.

Entire companies are bailing out and the server is now in a worse place than it was, because of developer inaction and inability to even give us a heads up as to what would come in the future.

Everyone took that silence to mean “yeah fix it yourself, there’s the door”

If that was the message we were supposed to get, I’d rather they had the courage to say it to our faces instead of some passive crap where we have to assume it due to a lack of evidence to the contrary.

I’m down if you want to screw me, but you should at least be willing to admit you’re doing it.

@HitorideKuro The game is far from dead and there is a lot being worked on by the team. We assure you as soon as information is provided to share, it will be shared and we just need our players to trust in us. We know as of late this has been a difficult thing to do with multiple issues occurring in New World, but the team is constantly at working trying to get New World to its full potential and there is some exciting news ahead. As for now, it cannot be shared.


@fernando.ceccato this is not the case at all, we are constantly reviewing and going through threads gathering feedback. If you do not see any engagement’s it does not mean we are not watching. We have even gotten the team to do weekly reviews of the threads for themselves so they can truly see where the players are on different aspects within New World. Please link us with the thread you provided feedback and it will be looked into further. We will make sure that the information has reached the team and updated you either here or in that specific thread.


Trust starts with sharing the news. In trusting us with a shared vision. It’s the lack of a roadmap that makes players lose faith. You have to come in good faith, and that is not happening. Hence the OP about silence.

Yet your response is trust in us to deliver something exciting that we can’t tell you anything about. So, don’t share the big news, share the daily stuff and longterm plan. Where is this all headed. Does SL even know?! I can’t find a video of him since Janurary 22nd.

It’s worrisome to see continual kneejerk reactions and not have a plan. The silence leads us to interpret what is happening. Managing the narrative is important, but what we have is conjecture in a vacuum. That makes it all the worse because you would expect some person in leadership to understand this is a real issue.

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We are all clear that the problems have nothing to do with the forum moderators, we know that you do your job well (although we don’t understand why xD)

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Thanks for the reply! I’m saddened to know that a lot of the folks on the forums will not believe you and will attack you. Sorry about that. Its not everybody im sure.

Yep, the very next reply to you. Sorry. SMDH

Thanks for answering, we players need communication, even if it’s something short, we don’t need much, saying how now that they’re working is enough, I know the game isn’t dead, but it feels like that, on my server you have to wait like 4 hours and it is not an exaggeration for an OPR

That’s what I like to see ! Most of us still on the thread actually love this game, that’s why we get so passionate and critical sometimes…

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Sorry about the post I´ve done above and thank you for your job, I know it´s not easy, but I got exact what I wanted. You´ve answered this post.

Forgeting all this, here follow the links with suggestions posts.

Thank you again @BRGF

@Argyx We completely understand this. We know it can be difficult to deal with the silence as of this moment. From experience, some things are better left unshared until near release. As of now, we have nothing concrete that can be shared other than we know the team is working on several aspects of New World. We will always be doing our part to try to get feedback back from the team to our players. As we receive information that can be shared we will do our part and we will continue to push this exact thread through to the team so potentially the implementation of a roadmap can be determined to try to get more information to our players

@Penfold We always try to engage as much as possible, so we are glad it is appreciated on certain occasions such as this. This is okay, the forums are free to all players and community members to share their opinions and ideas on New World and for us to gather as much feedback and provide the team with information that can be critical to the improvement of New World.

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@HitorideKuro This is understood and I will continuously try to push this thread to the team hopefully it will get something going in the near future as we want to improve communication and engagement with our player base!

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@User92823 The passion for New World is amazing!!! Sometimes we know that things can get a bit heated with the conversations that take place, as long as it is constructive we are all for it!

I mean they said they were patching for this entire month.

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