Simple fix for economy

As it stands currently, player driven market is mostly obsolete. This can be seen by the amount of selling orders vs. amount of buying orders ie. everyone want to sell and no one wants to buy.

The reason for this situation, as I see it, is that there is too much good quality loot from both environment and from mobs. For example, I can just make few runs in the Amrine at lvl25 and receive all the equipment and weapon that I need for that level. So why would I pursue the market to spend money there?

This makes most of the crafting functionality obsolete. Majority of stuff you craft at lvl 25 will not sell.

How to fix it? Simply reduce the amount and quality of loot that is given to the player.

For example, instead of going our of Amrine with full encumbrance including 20% rare items, make it ten times less, with only few rare items. Or start with smaller decrements on reduction (I love to act drastically), and monitor how the economy behaves.

If that would be made, then players would be more then interested in spending their money in the market.


At Level 45 I am buying gear pretty consistantly. In a few months this will be more of a Issue when people hit cap. Im hoping at that point the will have and idea of how to address this issue. currently crafting gear at higher levels is a extreme grind just to craft at a tier at your level range and the randomness at which you get stats you can maybe use is even worse. there are serious flaws in the system and really the most viable crafting of Armor and weapons doesn’t really start will the gear gets into the 400+ range.

At level 25 you really cant see this and in that level range its a hinderance to the game play to try and focus on gear to be crafted to wear more so than to get drops and craft for skill up only.

I would say 90% of the drops you receive during game play are salvaged and maybe 5% trade post sellable and 5% usable depending on you build. Once you reach the higher levels and refine your skills and fall into a build you will see this much more.

Again at level 45 many of my items come off the market so my build can stay perfected for my level and I can stay at top tier until I reach the next gear echelon around 48-51 and I can use maybe 1 out a 30-40 items I see in a category Im looking at on the AH in my level+5 range

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Ok, that might be the case for higher levels, but it is also important for low-mid levels.

I do not see myself hitting level cap anytime soon, and frankly I do not want to. I just hit 30 and I would say that I am playing much more that I usually would. Enjoyment is also in the progress, growing stronger. And during that process, economy should work too.

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Around mid 30s you will see this change. I suggest you work on faction quest the level 25 gear you can still pick up now from those isn’t bad and soon you will be able to buy the level 35 which will easily take you to 40. I know this isn’t the answer to your issue here just a tip to make game play easier.

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Agreed, but it would only fix half the problem. Once you have got to 60 and acquired the BiS gear for yourself you never need to use the market again except to sell or buy consumables.

Pretty soon armouring, weaponsmithing and jewelcrafting will be pointless. Tools will also be worthless as everyone will have the top level ones.

There needs to be item degradation to have things leave the market and make demand for the crafted items.


Yes, agree!

The game indeed provides way too much gear from drops. Some say that this is leftover design decisions from the time when this game was supposed to ba a hardcore full loot mmo, which is far from the case nowadays.

Crafting only becomes a thing when nearing endgame, till that point its merely a gimmick. The problem is, you can’t really reduce drop rates now. The backlash would be massive. Thats one of those problems where the “correct” solution isn’t solely based on pure balance, but rather how people would feel about it.

i think that the opposite should be done - early and mid game crafting should be much more powerful, while also (maybe) making mobs harder to kill. That way crafting becomes relevant, and you still get showered with loot from dungeons.

The fact that you can reach almost all skillcaps within 2 weeks of playtime means this game is not a grind. Now try that in games like Runescape.

People try to sell junk gear and get mad when it doesn’t move.

If you sell a life staff with a healing perk that has strength and Dex stats… It isnt gonna sell

If you sell stat gear with no perk… It isn’t gonna sell

If you sell a Warhammer with a gem slot and focus stats it isn’t gonna sell.

What would help the economy is to be able to sell common resources in stacks. Perhaps a conversion bagging system. Similar to azoth pouches. That let you bag 100 or 500 of an item . Noone wants to buy 5 hysops or fiber.

This would allow low cost items to be sold in bulk for a profit

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Hm, that could be done.

Or they can use the sneaky unpopular method of going gradually.

I mean, people are complaining that their sheds are full already, isn’t that indication of too many loot? Do we want to prioritize whiny players or game quality?

I agree that bad items should not sell. But do the good crafted items get good prices? I need to check.

Not sure I follow you about the stacks. Don’t we have that already? You can make sell order for 500 items and someone can buy them all.

Yes, far too much of what I see on the market - and people complaining about not selling for more than scrap value - has horrible stats. A lot of the weapons/armor sub-40 that are on the market only really have any value as repair parts.

If people actually looked at their drops, screened them for solid stat/perk combinations and salvaged everything that wasn’t optimal we would see a lot less junk on the Traders.

Yes and no. I bought tons of crap gear because paying 10g for a rare in your level range with weird attributes is just a better deal than paying 300g for +10 on STR. You gonna replace it anyway in a few hours.

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I personally don’t have a problem with less loot. But, I think a lot of people would, so it’s not something I think the devs should pursue. They’ll probably just get a lot more backlash. Having said that, I’m honestly not sure what the solution is. I absolutely hate the idea that I’m just throwing non-salvageable stuff on the ground all the time because I can’t get rid of it, or use it. Heck, I moved all my inventory from one town to another yesterday, and it was just easier for me to dump half of it on the ground than make several trips back and forth and using up all my Azoth.

I know a lot of people really hate this idea. But, I really think a simple solution would be a vendor. People get money instead of wasting stuff, and pricing on the Trading Post goes up and crafters can make money again because some people are lazy and want to just dump everything at a vendor. Even if it’s just a temporary solution. If there comes a point in the game where the vendor is no longer needed, then make him succumb to the corruption and never see him again.

Have you done an expedition? You end up with 60+ items, most of them total crap just for salvaging. I don’t think anyone will miss this worthless loot.

I think there are two things here…the loot armor/weapons/etc., and then all the mats. I don’t see much of a problem with the armor and weapons. I’m always happy to salvage them all for repair kits and gold. If there were less of that, I’m sure you’re right, I really wouldn’t care. But, the part of the economy that I find to be more problematic is the oversaturated materials market. I mean, let’s face it, lower level healing potions can’t even be sold. They’re all listed for less than .05, and I’m not entirely sure why they’re even being listed because the listing price is more than the revenue they’d get back. But, my point being, all of this stuff is just dumped on the ground because nobody has enough storage for it, and you only get 100 Trading Post slots. It’s such waste. At some points, I wish there was just a trash can for me to put it in instead of littering the ground. lmao. I have literally never seen an MMO, or any game, that promotes you just dumping stuff on the ground like this one does. It’s weird and ridiculous.

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Maybe a bit more extreme measure… make it so only white drops come from PvE, unless you’re doing a dungeon or looting a chest. Right now, you not only get plenty of good items from mobs, but you’re also getting gold. The gold you get for a few mobs is the equivalent of someone grinding hours for gear that still has to wait for it to be sold. Economy is broken, so broken. I’m still for items being damaged and completely destroyed eventually.

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Well, since the insane armor & weapon drops pretty much killed these crafting professions, I’d say they are not less of a problem.

Btw your garbage is only visible to you and disappears after 3 minutes. Why bother going to some trash bin xD

We were begging them during beta to reduce drop rates, because anyone with half a brain could see it coming. And drop rates could easily be reduced by 80%. I wouldn’t even call that drastic.

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BECAUSE I HAVE MENTAL PROBLEMS, OK? :smiley: (sorry for the caps) But, I’m also one of those people that has to skin every thing I find that other players kill because I don’t like the clutter.

Listen, there’s no rational reason behind it, I just don’t like it. haha