Simple injection of fun

Many players, myself included, have lost interest in the game. There are more reasons for this than there are players it applies to, but I personally feel one major simple reason is a lack of fun. We are playing a GAME in order to have FUN. When the game keeps placing grind after grind, and locking content behind RNG (instead of any actual player skill) and time gates, even “Fun” elements of the game, can feel like a chore. I’m going to stop myself there though, as that is not the point of this post.

My point is simply about games and pastimes. On an island of immortals, I would imagine hobbies and activities would be easier to find, especially when even food is optional. Fishing exists, but the excitement for that is limited, especially after rewards were nerfed because so many people would rather BOT than actually participate in it. So why not choose another real world game that thematically fits… Golf.

In the game, we have measured distances all over.
We have Arrows that arc based on distance
We have the ability to throw out buffs which cause grounded animations for all to see.
We have a skill system for fishing, which increases your cast distance by skill.
We have player based timing skill to determine how must strength to put into a cast.
We have ability to interact with objects, place down markers for group mates to see.
Fishing hotspots are measure of if players can aim these aforementioned skills to hit a target.

Basically, all the elements needed to program a basic golf sub-game are already inside the game. You allow Engineering to craft some quality clubs, and Furnishing to make a starting Tee location and end flags… maybe even a putter course for your house… let the players take it from there… THEY WILL.

Suddenly running from town to town becomes less about complaining about a lack of mounts, but more about how someone managed to do it in 10 strokes instead of 12… Players could set up their own challenges of trying to protect a player trying to play their way through a difficult PoI. Or frankly, just a reward-free/combat free system for players to compete and have fun.

Obviously, you need some time to workshop some of the ideas, and decide how long a golf ball stays around before despawning, or which objects block a shot, which do not… but I can only imagine the ball “bouncing” between objects being something that needs to be calculated (again, not even really needed, perfection isn’t required for this). But the best part it, it doesn’t require itself to be perfect or bug free… it isn’t breaking anything, or even passing out awards (maybe achievements).

1 Gives players and NPCs a sense of fun to pass the time, and new motivation to explore
2 Most of the system is already in the game in pieces
3 Does NOTHING to disrupt current mechanics, gear pacing, etc, and has limited chance of breaking pre-existing systems or bugs outside the golf system

1 It is moving in an entirely new direction than scheduled tasks
2 May cause embarrassment if you mess it up

Anyway, I left my 2 cents. For the record, I don’t even like golf, and have never played a golf video game before, but just thought it seemed like more fun than sitting around on discord watching someone stream their crafting rolls to finally try beat the RNG final boss.

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