Simple Suggestion for HWM / Expertise System


Wanted to propose a simple solution to so many people complaining about the new HWM / expertise system. The core issue is that this negatively impacts a pretty significant portion of players that enjoys soloing, crafting, or have less time to grind elite zones.

The simple solution is instead of negatively impacting the entire player base, just introduce the new expertise system at above a 600 HWM. Keep all of the gear at 600 so that players hitting 60 still can purchase “top end” gear and feel impactful, for those that want to excel even more allow the option of expertise going up to 625.


This would be a better solution, basically increase the HWM. Sadly i doubt this would happen. They seem to pretty adamant on cucking their player base lol.

Thus is the way, AGS.

Great idea!!

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