Since it's a new trend . Delete all weps or i will leave

fourm never disappointed me for entertainment


remove forum or all players will leave!


this just proves that S&S is so bad, that not even a post asking for a nerf has it.

buff S&S! Kkkkkk.

If NW gets big I think you can make a yt channel with forum whining as content.
You will never run out

Remove Mel95 or all life staff users will leave

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AGS trying to keep up with the forum


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Time to change it up…

Delete dungeons, or I’ll leave.

Dungeons provide no value to the game and shouldn’t exist.
People shouldn’t need to spend 20min of their valuable time doing content that requires little effort.
I can’t believe they are still in the game!

Delete pvp or I’ll leave.

Am I doing this right?


They did that already though

I wonder if this explains the pivot to Discord?

Dps S&S got the worst nerfs on the ptr besides GA

the person is already wrong to want to be dps with S&S, I’m glad they nerfed kkkkkkk.

Joke, but I don’t know on your server, but on mine, it’s been a long time since the dps stopped playing with S&S. right after the first nerfs in leaping strike, there was already a huge change.

It had a niche, because leaping strike was the most powerful melee execute in the game. Now, that has been gutted on the ptr the swordsmaster tree is dead.


Remove the awesome combat system and replace it with a boring tab targeted or hybrid where you don’t even aim your shots and I’ll leave.

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