Since Release only able to play for about 5 Hours

I work a 8-5 Job, IF i want to play i would have to join the Login Q at about 12:00.
That´s not possible so in the recent Day´s i only had one Chance to play for about 6-7 Hours.

That´s unacceptable for me.

Queue´s from 3k People (about 4-5 hours+ wait time) to 45k waiting People (which are about 16-20 hours+ wait time) are pure Suffering and complete BS.

What can you do to end this suffering?

Layering on Servers so allowing more People to be on One Server?
Would be a possibility.

I like the Game, Graphics are nice, I like the Combat system, i even like the crafting system…
but waiting endless times are crap.

Plz do something.

there are more than 10-15 servers that have very low/no Que, just play on those for now. till you get you free server swap mate. so you can rejoin your friends

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yea) dont need panic) Game have a lot of servers:) Give game some time:)

Change servers, i know if you got 5 hours on one character you may not want to… but trust me, these new servers have little/no queue during peak. Once the issues get ironed out they can merge the same world sets together. I did this and it has made me way happier.

The Problem.
My Friends are not on these servers.

Another Option would be.

Banning the Auto - Run, hit, crouch/standup - Makro users.
Would open up MANY free slots on every Server.

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Just make an alt character to play until they release the transfer option. Until then, yeah you probably will have a queue. I moved to a lower pop server and its been great.

I haven’t played a single minute on the server i was suppose to play. Just make character on another server with no queue and transfer character on the server you wanna play when they enable that free character transfer within 2 weeks. Simple as that.

Wow What a Choice.
Either Create a Alt Char on a New server
Never be able to play
Take time off of Work and Queue up at 7AM

nice… NOT

It may not be the best choices for you, but there ARE choices you can make to play the game. If you choose not to go to a lower pop thats fine, but you most likely will have to endure a queue.

Choose which one you would rather do:
Play the game on a less than ideal server (in your eyes) and transfer to the server you want later.
Dont play the game you paid for cause of your choice to endure a queue.

Simple as that.

OR Amazon would fix this BS and everybody would be happy???

They cant easily “fix it”. Well they can, but you dont seem to like the “fix” they have put into place.

Servers cant magically “just work” with double or triple the amount of players on it. They were stress tested during beta and those who played the beta saw how buggy they were with the larger population.

The layering suggestion you made is a possibility to fix the issues, but thats a huge project to undertake. For example, WoW spent 3 years designing their layering tech, and it is still kinda garbage. Amazon is making a “Layering” attempt with world sets, while not ideal, they will allow for merging later on once things die down a little, or until they can implement the true layering as you suggested.

Right. Layering is a great idea, but it’s irrelevant to the current issue because it would take months to implement and by then the issue is long gone.

Currently the only fix is to raise the caps once the players are more spread out beyond the initial zones where it’s very crowded even with the current caps. But even then, the caps are going to be slightly raised – it isn’t likely to go from 2k to 10k, it may go from 2k to 2.5 or 3k. That will help, especially once the launch rush is over with, coupled together with the transfers coming.

Until then, though, it’s going to be rough.

I rerolled on a fresh server one day after launch and it now has a 1000+ queue during evening primetime (US East). This was not a server at launch, it was a fresh server added after the launch servers filled up, and it now has a queue itself. It isn’t feasible to expect players to reroll a third time, and I have no interest in doing that, so I will either play early in the day, or not play until the transfers come along and the caps are lifted a bit and the queues are more manageable.

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