Since the Trade post are down AGAIN

Soooo i need ARROWS for my bow,so how on earth am i gone get them when we can use Tradepost/or trade vs others players??
Some pep bean dup items/gold for long time now,and shoudl you guys not have learned how to fix that yet ?
And PLZ BAN this players now,and not just deletee there char.PERMA BAN THEM.
But still i need arrows!!

just use a different weapon or make some arrows? you’re not the only one affected by it bud


But i dont have Trade skills for making arrow :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t want to make the flint arrow :stuck_out_tongue: And They should have learned by now how to prevent this Dup :confused: Arrff

but it is better than nohting :slight_smile:

Or you could switch to musket :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hi @zapro123.

Hope you are fine today. Thank you for the report and feedback provided. Make sure to check Guidelines - New World Forums in order to provide feedback, place a post or setup a report.

I understand for your post, the Trade post is not working for you. Right now there is a known issue with it and the team is working in order to fix it as soon as possible. You can check [Notice] Duplication Bug / Wealth Transfers - March 3 - #2 by TrevzorFTW for future udpates about the issue. For any other situation please run a file check: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

After the step above:

  • Shut down the computer completely. Turn it on, then run the Steam client as administrator and try the game again.

If you still have the issue after this troubleshoot, please create a web ticket by going to Contact Us | Amazon Games

Please provide all the information requested on the web ticket form as well character name, server and world name you are and the link for this post.

Best regards and thank you in advance.