Since you Destroyed Mages Give Faction Tokens Back

Since most of us that are FS or Ice Gaunt now need to reroll Axe or Hammer or Spear can you give us a reroll on Faction gear? I now need whole new sets and I don’t feel like farming a 4th set.


Who destroyed mages? Where? Are you drunk?

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Can you not see the other 300 posts on the forum? 40% Overall Damage Nerf from a single Weapon, while they buff the Most commonly used weapon?

Instead of switching weapons it’s honestly just time to switch games. I refuse to be a left click bot.


The most forum posters are just copy paste apes. Where is it stated that these are confirmed changes and will be in next update and not just for PTR?

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Nah bro, we are still giving feedback of what’s going on in PTR.
No need to be desperate yet, but keep giving your feedback.

It’s posted and confirmed by AGS… Jesus just look… Its there I just read it.
Posted 18 hours ago.

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No live patch notes yet, have you played PTR? Guess not they are still powerful.

The live update is confirmed… almost 19 hours ago. It’s exactly the same as the PTR patch notes.

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No, there no patch notes.

There a patch notes for next PTR roll out though but nothing about live.

What’s the point the already put out a Dev post that PTR changes would go live next week.

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I really doubt they would release a balance patch now without reaching out to the community first. The community would go absolutely nuts if they released the PTR patch as-is and this would be entirely justifiable after all the feedback they have received.

Bigbear, You would think that, but then you see they make Axes a LITTLE BIT better when they’re already OVERTUNED AF.

I despair at times with AGS, as I feel like Cassandra from the Greek Myths. I am destined to foretell the future and yet cursed to be ignored. Even when I post bug reports, they get ignored and the same exploit gets reported a week later and then picked up.

Exactly the same mistakes are being replicated with New World as happened with Crucible. It’s like we are in a back seat of a car heading towards a brick wall, and we are screaming at the driver to stop, but they are saying that if they just go a bit faster they will crash through the brick wall and everything will be fine. Maybe they think that if they do crash, they will just be able to reverse through the rubble and everything will be fine. Who knows?

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