Sinister swarm recruiting!

Guild Name Sinister Swarm
Server NA-East Adlivun
Guild Name Sinister Swarm
Server NA-East
World: Adlivun
Faction Syndicate
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX/PvP
Language(s) English
Location United States

Guild Leader(s) Kronos, Sintei, Lovecraft
Recruitment Status Open


The Sinister Swarm is a multi-game community, founded on the principles of respect and honor. We have been around since 2000, and for the last 21 years, have grown across multiple games. Our approach to gaming is very unique among competitive PVP guilds, we put our members before the game. As a community, we are much more than just a guild, we are a family.


1999: Sinister Swarm’s original founding as SLAYER Clan for Team Fortress 2.
2000: Sinister Swarm moves to Everquest 1, our first MMO.
2002: Dark Age of Camelot, where we became the largest guild on the Bors sever!
2005: Guild Wars, shedding blood and reached the top 1% of PvP guilds!
2008: Age of Conan, having only spent a small time in Age of Conan, but our dedication was known server wide.
2008: Warhammer Online, once the Iron Rock guild of the week, Sinister Swarm was widely respected and feared alike during their reign. We held FIRST PLACE in PvP during the entire life of the server!
2009: Aion, we moved on from Warhammer to Aion and continued legacy.
2010: Global Agenda where we took 1st place in the World Championship!
2010: Star Trek Online and World of Warcraft; with so many members and such a wide variety of tastes we spread our wings of dominance, we began not one but three branches of our interest in this year.
2011: Rift and Star Wars: The Old Republic, two promising new games, Rift a dynamic new game by Trion Worlds where we executed both PVE and PVP dominance. And, Star Wars: The Old “Swarmpublic” which is currently still being played in wait for Guild Wars 2 release.
2012: TERA Online, led by Emperor Venom himself, not only the highest ranked gaming guild on the Jagged Coast server, but one of the most widely respected ones as well. We held 1st place during the entire life span of our server!
2014 BDO: Continued rocking both PvE and PvP in this amazing Action based game!
2016 – 2020: Tons of fun with many various casual games, Tribes of Midgard, Final Fantasy, Dark Alliance, Table Top Games and let’s not forget Karaoke nights!
2021 New World & THE FUTURE. You are our future. With the Swarm Initiative invading NEW WORLD and many other games to come, we need strong and loyal members like you that can cultivate comradery, loyalty and friendships that will bind us together through the tough blood drenched days to come!


Our mission has always been the same since our inception in Team Fortress and Everquest, take the war to our enemies and hold nothing back. We believe in the honorable approach to PVP, and never sacrifice that no matter what. We do not take part in PK’s and will always help a fellow player in need. If you wish to be a part of something greater than just yourself, then come on over.


What would a new game be without some goals as to what we are all about! The Sinister Swarm has always been about PVP, and in this game we are no different. Owning territory and taking part in GVG skirmishes is our overall goal, but we also cater to those who prefer to participate from the sidelines, making siege equipment and taking part in Gathering/Trade Missions. So whether you’re a seasoned soldier, bred for battle, or a tireless crafter, mastering your trade, we have a home for you here.

Mature Attitude
18+ years old
Ability to work as part of a team and follow directions during PVP
Willingness to have fun

Just jump on DISCORD Sinister Swarm and hop into the guest lobby. One of our veterans will be happy to answer your questions!

For many, finding a guild/community is all about finding that proper place to call home. We at the Sinister Swarm not only know this struggle, but want to help you end that search. If what you have read has moved you to join us, please head on over to DISCORD and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon!


If you are offering no queue times, I’d be happy to join your guild.


Let’s make this magic happen my friend!

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Come join us in the Swarm! Were it is Honor Above All Else. I have been with the Swarm since 2013, and I haven’t found any other gaming community like it, and I will never leave!!! Hail Swarm!!

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Heck yes! Good times indeed!


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We are friendly, and entertaining Guild. If you decide to join the Swarm, you want be let down.

Hail Swarm!!

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Hey folks, we’ll bee having our company guild meeting today at 2pm PST/5pm EST. Please drop by our Discord to chat with us!

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I have been in this community for about 9 years and this is the best bunch of folks I have ever played with.

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Hail Swarm! Feel free to hit me up in game!

Due to server locks we’re making an overflow company for anyone not currently on Adivun called <Sinister Swarms> now on:

US West - Quanlu

Please message Bishop MajorDomo for in-game invite!

See you there! HAIL SWARM!

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