Skill Perk Crafting Feedback

First off,

Skill Perks should be allocated in the tree, not on armor

Besides that,

While crafting is being looked at, can we allocate the RNG for Skill Perks on armor to be all one category before the roll?

For example:

Instead of having 100 perks and 78 of them being skill perks; I think it can be reduced to 23 perks by, “skill perks,” being Widely Categorized as one perk, then initiates a second roll on the same perk to decide Skill Perk. The pool you roll from wouldn’t have 78 skill perks, it would have all “Skill Perks.”

You could categorize them as a whole, or for each weapon. If Skill Perks we’re categorized as a whole you would have 23 total perks and if it was on a per weapon basis, you’d have 35 perks total.

If you roll the weapon perk category, RNG rolls a skill perk for that weapon after.

Also… You could always have the system pre-identify the attribute craft mod bring rolled on a weapon to narrow it further so you don’t roll putrefying scream with strength.

This can make rolling medium strength gloves with resil forced into it roll only strength weapon skill perks instead of possibly rolling revitalizing beacon.

RNG ROL Progression:

Perk1 ROL → Forced ATTMod => ATTMod#ATT
Perk2 ROL → Forced PerkMod => Perk#
Perk3 ROL → GemSlot => True
Perk4 ROL → RNG Perk ROL => PerkListPerk#
Perk5 ROL → RNG Perk ROL => PerkListPerk#

Perk1 ROL → AttMod1STR
Perk2 ROL → PerkMod04Resilient
Perk3 ROL → GemSlot
Perk4 ROL → RNG Perk ROL => PerkListPerk35
Perk5 ROL → RNG Perk ROL => PerkListPerk13

PerkList =>

Perk34 => Refreshing
Perk35 => Perk1 ROL → AttMod#Att => WeaponList#

AttMod1Str => WeaponList1
(Strength Scaling weapons Primary&Secondary)
AttMod2Dex => WeaponList2
AttMod3Int => WeaponList3
AttMod4Focus => WeaponList4
AttMod5Constitution => WeaponList5
(WeaponsList5 => All Weapons)

(Strength being forced on a piece of gear nullifies skill perks that do not have strength in either primary or secondary.)