Skin back, come back again

the possibility of past skins returning to the store, many people would like to purchase skins that are not in the store anymore.



no way… Jesus help him

I’d just wish skins would rotate at a much faster pace


Would definitely throw some money at some nature themed/angry earth skins! Please!


Can we has a Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Batman, Harley, and Joker skin



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New World needs a Steve-O skin

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You’re gonna LOVE the upcomming halloween event then. Both store skins and ingame obtainable skins are very nature themed :smiley:

We talking tree huggers or Ric Flair nature themed?


Not tree huggers but like.

Man I dont know.

its dope tho

Well Jiggy Sir Spice I will take your word for it

hope I dont let you down but I do feel confident. It sounds to me like you will be a happy boi come next update!

If its a clown im done.

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This would defeat the purpose of FOMO purchases.
And FOMO drives people to make the purchase: buy it now or never buy it.

What I’m saying is, your suggestion would result in the company gaining less income from the cosmetic store. Limited time item sales historically, and markedly, for good reason, increase sales.

I always understood this sales tactic on MMOs that make really beautiful sets. Not to be an asshole but AGS’s sets are pretty bad for the most part. There are a few stunners but I dont see the FOMO working for them currently.

As an example I only saw a handful of people with the newest gears on.

Thank god they do it like this.
Ingame sets shouldn’t be disregarded for skins only.
I think it’s great that ingame armor isn’t looking that much different from the skins

Also the limited time skins still will rotate once in a blue moon.

It’s working on every limited run set they’ve ever had. I see tons of people when I play who have bought them.

You may not like the sets, but myself and many others disagree. I honestly find several of their sets to be quite spectacular, the Winged Knight paladin skin to be at the top of my list.

People ask about it all the time, but limited run, baby!

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Winged Knight Pali IS the best one the ever made imo.

Im just speaking from observation, but youre right I personally dont like most.

Please no, This isn’t fortnight. At least try and keep it to this type of midevil fantasy. I love all those characters but don’t want to see them in this game. There is a ton of old armor styles and different cultural armor they can go with. Just leave out modern skins and comic book stuff