Skin rotation/duration, feedback

So today the new skinline released.
And I just came here to complain. Or rather suggest.
It’s understandable those skins take work, and it takes time to make those.

But 48 days for ONE rotation is WAY too long.
Here I am a returner. I have money and would like to support the game. I’m willing to buy stuff since I do enjoy the state of the game right now. And I’d also like to not look like everybody else god. It’s been a year and most people still look the same as the other person.

48days for a rotation of skins is just way to freaking long.
Not to mention they aren’t the greatest either…

Speed that up. Make it every 2 weeks or so, give players more options.
FOMO doesn’t work when people quit the game after 2 months lol

Edit: Also hire a new designerteam for the love of god xd

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why are monthly skins only temporary anyway ?

why not put all skins permanently in shop with a better UI so everyone can buy what he likes the most or have missed the most ?

what about all previous FREE TWITCH DROPS, people returning in game will perhaps want to get them one day ? or get pissed because they missed a thing close to their tastes ?

temporary nonsense should go ! make the cash shop with “thematic pages” where you put each previous themes !

hope it happens one day, far more peopel will buy skins that way (more choices, more visibility, more variety, and more money to support the game !)


I am bummed about missing the June showcase armor skins. Metal raven and studded stalker look awesome. I put in over 1,000 hours on New World before leaving because of too many issues with the game being ignored. Returning now after seeing the progress thats been made and realizing I missed the only 2 skins that appeal to me sucks. I dont see any reason i shouldnt have access to the skins for taking a short break waiting on something new to do at end game.

I would imagine, they will eventually add all the skins to the store, so that they can be granted for free, or purchased later. It would be stupid for them not to, and as a business, I’m sure this has been considered and there’s plenty of outlining factors that could be limiting the reasoning for them releasing them immediately afterwards.

It must be pretty obvious on their end “Hey guys, the purchases for the insert month skins were 150x higher than the insert month skins, we need to get these available again”

It has to work that way, there’s no other way it could make any sense.

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I personally don’t mind skins not being available at all times. I think this is rather good than bad.
But if the rotation would be every 7 days. Or even every 14 days that wouldn’t be such a big deal. You keep playing you get eventually what you like, while same time you might buy sth you usually wouldn’t cause it won’t be in for awhile.
But 48days for a rotation, and then I might not even like what’s in there for another 48days? Seriously it’s like they don’t want to make money

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