Skinning is too easy to level up

I’m already at 200skining without ever going to skin on purpose. I just skinned some of the mobs I killed and got 200 in skinning.

This is way too fast compared to other gathering professions. Some mobs at 40-50ish level range already give 1.8k skinning xp per mob, and they are much more available than for example mineral veins, yet mineral veins give much less xp, despite they are rarer and takes more time to mine out.


Agreed. They made Skinning way easier to level than it was in beta.

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Tbh they need to do something about all of gathering skills and gathering items. Economies are already beginning to fail because the barrier to entry for gathering is minimal, you can hit 100+ gathering skills with ease, anyone can go out and gather thousands of resources, it’s not hard to find resources to gather, and then there is a lack of gathering item (i.e. ores, hides, fibers, etc) sink options (things to sink your items into)… therefore everyone is gathering thousands of resources and dumping them on the Trading Outpost, crashing prices. Not to mention the limited storage in town also causes people to not stock up on resources but rather dump them on the Trading Outpost.

This needs to be fixed ASAP imo.

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Yeah skinning was also my first 200 skill and nearly everyone I know has it up as the first one.
But gathering skills should be fast upgraded, as the crafters need tons of materials and rare resources start only to drop after a certain level. If gathering would be much higher everything in the trading post would cost 10 times more at least.

My second was harvesting… and I did not focus on that too. I just ran around and took all nodes/herbs with me I could find.

Logging 190 atm you really need to do it actively. You do not just pass by tress and chop them down. But with the correct attributes (con) and tools you can up it moderately fast.

Mining same as for logging, you get actually per node more xp as per tree in looging, but trees are everywhere and nodes have to be searched so that should be fine.

Fishing probably the least favorit of most players but also not too bad to up with correct tools and going to hotspots.

With refining and crafting after it… all the gathering skills should be faster 200 otherwise the leveling of refining and crafting is depending on gathering too much (has to wait until enough people get those rare drops).

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Every single Gathering profession outside Harvesting and Fishing is easy to level.


Because of Elementals.

Turns out there are Monsters that you can Log and Mine, and each gives around 800exp.

So yeah… about being easy.
You can level them pretty fast, is just that people have no idea about it.

Also the trade off is that it’s a pain to collect base materials for Skinning.

Being forced to go for specific spots to gather 50+ Raw Leather is annoying as hell.


Truth. Anyone complaining about too many resources is only looking to sell them and hasn’t taken the time to craft IMO. Crafting uses an INSANE amount of resources.


Agreed, skinning is leveling way too fast

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Jup I estimate all basic gathering items for 0.01 gold, even wisperwood, starmetal ore etc.
The hard part starts after gathering. The refining is by far the most expensive thing to do in this game.

The crafting is actually not that expensive, its the refining that pulls money out of pockets (or massive time if you gather everything yourself).

The only easy crafting skill there is… is cooking, but it is a pain in the butt to find all necessary items to craft more than just one meal of a specific type.

The market is a player-driven economy, and to ensure that there isn’t an elite few holding dominion, they needed to have a balance and check. So making it that everyone could be on equal footing is required. The logistics of it makes sense.

Again, to the AOP, reporting on something being too easy once you’re 200 is aggravating. That is like players complaining it is too easy to level once they’re sixty. People take advantage of the so-called ease and then penalize all the other players in their wake once they’ve used this “ease,” That could be mistaken as a slap in the face to fellow players.

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Crafters needs tons of materials… tons of low tier materials to be more correct. That is the bottleneck, and harder resource gathering leveling would help them actually.

That amount of leather I gathered by the time I got to 200 is insignificant compared to how much I need. Probably not even 10% of what I used up to this point and not even maxed out lol.

sure but there is also a bottle neck with rare drops of those. At some point we will need way more of those rare resources for all those high tier crafts and they only drop at certain gathering levels. For example wisperwood pretty much is inexistant below 100 logging no matter how much your luck gear is.

Level of profession means nothing in the end…

All that materials you collected between 1~200 are nothing compared to what you will need to level up any craft skill.

So, easier and bigger xp for gathering is good.

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