Skins without breast pockets

If you all plan to introduce skins with breast pockets can we get a male version as well. Most of the devotion armor skins have breast pockets on them.

If players want to choose a male character and choose the breast pocket armor skins, great! Good for them. But I while I like the style of the skins I refuse to spend money on a female based skin while I chose to play a male gendered character. The Knight of Devotion is a perfect example of this. I’d buy that skin without the breast pockets on it.


I agree definitely awkward they don’t offer a variation for each gender or keep it gender neutral… That skin does look cool but that is also the very reason I did not purchase it. My character is a male

The irony is there’s another ongoing forum post about how females aren’t represented in the armor available. It’s clear that they should just do a male and female version of each one. I can’t imagine it’s that hard. At least the store skins.

There’s only been 2-3 true female skins added to the game since launch. All recent because we have been BEGGING for them. Sorry but I’m sick of my character looking like a man.

You guys have ALL the non-skin armors to choose from that don’t have breast pockets, AND you guys have 80% of the stores items catering to male body types. No they do not look good on the female model unless made for it.

Heaven forbid we get a few female skins when well over 50% of the playerbase is using a female character model. Just let us have them okay?
While i agree a male and female version of both would be ideal, its not likely in their scope with how small the playerbase is. They’d need to pay their designers double.

Same reason i don’t buy all the skins designed for the male character model… which is a majority of them. And why i DO buy skins… because a majority of the lootable armor in game is made for males…

Theres only a few true neutrals… Example: the red Wheel of Time skin

We’ve got maybe 5 total skins now designed for the female body type lol

two versions. male or female oriented.

they are not genderlocked so go wild and buy whatever you want.

yeah sounds about right.

but not before transmog.

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