Slash damage count into Empowering Buff from GA?

so guys my question is i heared that Slash dmg count into my GA Empowered Buff ?
So is it worth to play Slash dmg as a Medium Bruiser?
And why is slash counting into empower Buff and not only as an additional dmg boost from the weapon?

Maybe someone can give me a better information about it because i dont see any videos or post about it

Hello @PeresPerO

Hope you are doing great and thank you for bringing the topic to the forums.!

As far as I can understand from the game the great axe base damage is currently slash damage and each time you basic hit a target you get 1 empower stack that will increase you damage wich is based on Slash damage in the case of the great axe.

I would not speculate about wich is the best selection for your build but I encourage you to explore all the possibilities that are offered in the game.

Do you mean using a slash damage jewelery on you build? if so it should increase the damage of your great axe even though I can not confirm that this is or not the best option.

Hope I was helpfull.
Let me know adventurer I’ll be around.

he’s asking if slash damage perk on ring counts towards the 50% empower cap, which I am under the impression that (or like him, I’ve heard that it does) I haven’t really tested myself and its rare to get 50% empower anyway so i wouldnt worry about it too much

but to answer your question bis for medium bruiser atm on ring is considered to be slash damage + invigorated punishment + leaching/refreshingward/evasion

champions or a 2 perk ring is fine though, there are more important things than that 3rd perk

Hey @Yilika

Thank you for your information.!

Regarding the perk it should help you to increase the damage even though it will not exceed the cap.
i have seen medium bruiser wearing the perk and also slash protecion on the amulet if that helps for your selection.

Best Wishes!

It does count towards Empower cap.

You need to add up your enpower passives and likely stacks, as well as the chance you are fighting on Oblivion to get a accurage feel for where it is best or not for you. In my opinion I think Champion’s Ring is superior as you should be fighting on an Oblivion, and the extra crit triggers your lifegain.

Ok im a Medium Bruiser Running invigorated punishment,slash dmg , refreshing.
One guy in my company told me that I’m wasting a good perk slot with slash damage because I doesn’t get the extra damage with the slash damage perk because I’m always over cap with this. And I don’t know I think I do 100-300 damage more with it in every single hit but I wanted some confirmation from some players that got some experience with this and can share it with me

Difficult to conclusively say without your full build and gear. But the take away is that there is potential that it is a waste perk while you are fighting on Oblivion, as in that scenario you can overcap.

An interesting sidenote, if you do find yourself on Oblivions alot (as it should be ideally). As a Medium user you can still use Hearty, because on an Oblivion Medium+Hearty gets an extra dodge.

This whole debate revolves around whether to find yourself on Oblivions or not, and that should help you determine. Another potential case is if you also use Shirking Empower on Amulet.

Im Medium 22,9. 5 resi,4 shirking,3 freedom.
GA - keen,thwarting strikes , abboreal attunement.
WH - vicious, shirking arcane ,shockwave

Amulett - slash protection, health, stamina recovery .
Ring - refreshing,slash damage, invigorated punishment .
Earring - refreshing , purifying toast, and the perk for faster potion CD

Playing it with maulers fury. In wars im not in a big clumb Zerg group

If you are not playing with the Zerg, then the chances you are on an Oblivion are much much lower and in that case the Slash Ring would not be wasted. Even more so as you have Keen on you GA, Keen on Ring is less needed (But I do think your GA needs a upgrade). I recommend you stick with the Slash Ring for now, while you are playing this position.

The GA I want is atm sadly to expensive.