Slash/trust keen ring

So since it was decided to not nerf these rings, I hoping AGS makes it fair for the mages.?
Mages already get the short end of the stick on name drops.

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Where did they say they arent nerfing them? One got nerfed already today.

They did not nerf it

Perhaps the change is still yet to come, tbh i’d prefer to see interesting, rule bending ring for mages, rather than removing already existing


It’s in the patch notes for today though…

“The Heart of Maahebgal no longer has an increased critical chance perk.”

I agree they should leave it be but include a mage ring as well.


It’s still the same in game everyone has been post it saying thank you ags

Possibly means they didnt retro actively change already existing ones. Would have to farm a new one to find out.

If that’s the case it is still wrong to do that.

Some people will definitely feel that way. Others will think its right since they have already spent 10k shards upgrading them and no refund was discussed. Im an old EQ player and think rare pre nerf items are cool and nostalgic but am aware not everyone agrees.

It’s needs to be fixed correctly by either giving back shards and fixing perk or just leaving it alone and creating equal ring drops. Second option is much easier. If they do it the way you’re saying they might have, then it goes against what said about the rings in the first place.

What perks do you want to see on an int ring for mage?

Fire or ice
Similar to the ring that was to be nerf.


They str got two amazing rings with brim
They have another with

Str already had the smooth boner ring from laz so I don’t understand why it need another great ring

Dex also got a brim ring with keen/thrust. Only mages got left out haha

Yup! I don’t always play mage but I think the devs need to be fair to other players

to be honest i think dmg right now is way over scaled all across the board everything does too much dmg especially with the detonate. i think dmg on all melee and muskets and anything phys should be bumped down 5-10% just all across the board. Devs need to look at why there is only 1-2 Fire staffs being slotted in wars mages have ben getting raped lately everything is leaning to the melees and musket rats

I am a big fan of low TTK but I definitely agree about the wars and mage thing.
It’s just mages need to be on par with that ttk
Every burst dmg the mages had got the nerf.

Low ttk make u question every move you make in the game and teaches you to utilize everything you have to beat someone, but that’s hard when you have Dsync like you have in this game. off topic a lil srry

Mages need fair drops and fair weapon balancing


The logic that the existence of a good item means that another shouldn’t exist is silly. I do think all builds should get good options though.

None of the “Heart of…” Rings seem all that great for mage.

Memento of lost humanity seems pretty good for mages though. I know that’s only one but I’m not familiar with the options. Just the only one I’m familiar with.

Brilliant is a dead perk sadly but it does not compare at all to the heart rings