Sliver of adderstone Bug?

haven’t been able to find any { Sliver of adderstone } on the auction houses on my server ferry or been able to find any from mining Boulders I’ve been trying to make my blue bag and be the first on the server to make one but no luck I’m convinced it’s bug and not dropping it from mining a boulder my company has mind almost over 10000 boulders and no one has picked up a single rare item { Sliver of adderstone } Hmmmmm???

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Just got this and I think I’ve only ever had one Adderstone from mining boulders.

I think something is wrong with the drop on this also.

@HelpfulWalrus - Can this be checked before the patch please?

Just spent another hour mining boulders.



Mining Level


Items collected

It did drop…



Do not appear to be dropping at all.

I’ll continue to level up - but I hope someone can look into this, be it player or developers.

Thanks for reading.

Found 6 total now. Armour with max rarity, pick and luck food. I think bag might have something on it too. Took 4 hours to find 1 with only luck food. Found 5 with all the above buffs in a couple of hours.

It appears that the quartz crystals and adamant slivers share the same drop rate.

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Thank you @Chiki - Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

It’s lovely to know it’s not bugged. Appreciate you sharing that with us.

Just finished the night and ended up with 11 total adderstone. Took about 13ish hours to get that amount. I feel like I got very lucky with hitting adderstone back to back multiple times however.

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I hope @Black is happy to see this… knowing it is in game and working. I am, for sure. Now to see if I can find some myself.

Go buy a full set of mining rarity armour on-top of food and rarity pickaxe. You should hit the drop table within the hour but it isn’t guaranteed adderstone. I forgot to mention I was also mining in my faction/company controlled area with +50 global luck with very little downtime between boulders.

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I understand now.

There is “Miner” gear for tier 3,4,5.


Managed to snagged two pieces so far. - Thanks for that heads up @Chiki - Is there similar for logging/harvesting etectera?

There is but I’m not sure if the rare drop table items are useful like adderstone from those resources.

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@Chiki woohoo 3xmining gear, pickaxe as above, food and I finally got my first piece like this.


Thanks again for the tips.

@Chiki @Olgit it might not matter, but what character levels where you guys when you started to get this. I am 30 and tried a few hours with around 22% luck and 1400 food (but ultimately no luck so far). Any particular zone?

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I was 40 something I think. I doubt it makes a difference. If you were getting sliver of adamant and small crystal quartz then you have a chance at adderstone.

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Everytime I got adderstone was over 100 mining, but I’ve heard friends say they got some much lower also, like @Chiki said.

I’m actually looking for information on “Chunk of Adderstone”. Rumored to drop from Loadstone, but never dropped from boulders or loadstone for me yet.

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